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2023-02-17 - 4:17 p.m.

10 AM appointment with a five star reviewed Pest control company.

The typically schedule an estimate.
I asked that if possible please bring what they might need as if I can afford it and they have the time would like to just have it done tomorrow.

Straight up told him why- that have two adult children who happen to not be here and that will be easier to do with them NOT here-

much easier if little kids are resistant. If they are resistant may have a problem getting it done when they ARE here,

He laughed and TOTALLY GOT IT
and I said HEY And tell them PLEASE DO NOT UPCHARGE Me cause I might seem desperate, I am not, I am on a budget and if cant' afford it will get those do it yourself bombs. It will litrerally come down to if in budget or not.

What that really means is IF IN THE REmaining credit limit on my very small line of credit available.

I really don't carry large lines of credit and have just small ones intentionally

both of which near maxxdd in the past couple years of reduced income!

DAMN A $180 AUTO CHARGE on the one card for renewal of that Master Class comes to mind. I already put in a customer service cancellation and request for refund for the auto renew. BUT their freaking contract says if you do not request cacellation before the auto renew they will not give refund which is BS as the auto renew is for the NEXT YEAR Of service! I cancelled in early JAn when it popped up on my credit card.

I will call the credit card company now and issue a dispute as I have not seen the company reverse the charge. It is on AMEX card thankfully and they are GREAT at disputes. That is one reason worth paying more for that card. They will reverse it for sure.

IF lucky by tomorrow.. I might just need that for this necessity!! ( I have a couple hundred only available on that card!!!

Money is tight whey you don't rely on credit much and have used up the moderate reasonable amount already! I mean it is not unreasonable debt but I intend to get rid of that debt and not GROW it. CRAP the tax return each year should go right to credit card debt in a bad year-

NOT paying back FAMILY . This was a crappy financial year as family was my support too!!

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