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2023-02-18 - 10:59 a.m.

5 star reviewed pest company just told me no signs of bed bugs or fleas but with carpeting everywhere I have alot of dust.

He said the bubbles were air bubbles on the bed bug detector traps.

House cleaned

I am still setting of the bug bomb in my bedroom as I am itchy so even if just mites want to kill those suckers.
I also think he could be mistaken. He only looked with flashlight and his eye abd comparing a picture on phone.
And I Said But isn't that a mature bug and a bad infestation?

Nonetheless relieved

He saw no sign of fleas. Said the black specks I pointed out were dust.

But swear I am not crazy I found more tiny dead flea like things showed him that he thought dust. We were looking at the same thing and seeing it differently.

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