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2023-02-23 - 1:06 p.m.

Today's Horoscope

"Feb 23, 2023 - Things should go rather well on the work front today, Virgo, so enjoy that for all you can. There is an auspicious angle between energizer Mars in Gemini and your 10th House of professional success and ambition and the intuitive Moon in Aries and your financially minded 8th House, so you could win big with a project you’ve been toiling away at for some time.

This is not the day to hide your light; if you’ve got something to show off then be sure you make people aware of all you’ve accomplished and you should get your just reward. Since the 2nd House deals with our earned income while the 8th House deals with lump sums like bonuses, inheritances, or tax returns, it is more probably whatever money comes your way will be in one large chunk as opposed to a regular raise.

Thanks to the friendly nature of the skies you can be sure you’ll be pleased with whatever does comes your way."

In email from Astrology Answers

I'll take it!!

My fun is reading these for a 5 min break,

Lets hope that astrology is one of those things that may be real even if we don't undertand it! It takes a certain faith I suppose.
Not much different than belief in God
as things happen and you go

Wow that aligned and is a sign!
but then they COULD be explained not by things unseen if we really want to chase down some other rational explaination.

I don't bother. I am not that much of a skeptic and inclined to have more faith than that to question how intuitive knowlege could possibly be so spot on correct.

Hope today's IS correct and it is NOT just the IRS refund which is due soon as today I have the phone hearing of the appeal of the VEC decision I was not eligible for unemployment insurance payments.I am not clear what that decision was even based on. Hope it was just an error of confusion in my reporting my part time job. I could use a nice lump sum showing up in my bank account. The state of VA refund came in already! Just when I needed it!
I hope the Deputy looks at my VEC claim and says
"Oh damn, yeah you are eligible. Someone just made a mistake in judgement.

I hope honestly the company does not show.
Will just be easier. But even if they do show no worry
truth is the truth.

I just think when someone is avoiding an obligation it is easier to not show up and hope the employee doesn't show up than ARGUE and be in a position where you have to defend an action you know was not your best moment and one of actual questionable sound judgement.
I mean I would rather not have to contradict some story that is not true.

Feeling pretty chill.

Had a decent first screening HR interview today. She said she is moving me forward in the process. She also was surprised at the salary I listed- I said "Oh that is the BOTTOM line- lowest that I NEED and honestly have applied for a few jobs at this level but some less senior- so yes of couse put me in at the rate for role and worth for my skill set in this market which of course is higher than thst. It was a Senior Director role and whatever site I found this role on and applied through in has my salary expectation listing the LOW end.

Honestly if I find something LOCAL in bike distance, following the trail for a wonderful commute that would be ideal so I have the lower rate intentionally as want to consider all options. Lifestyle is important.

I am also humble and don't freaking care the title. Just want something that gives me good work to do with a decent org and nice coworkers who are happy to be working where they are! I just want a POSTIVE environment with work I can believe in really.

It does not have to amazing incredible change the world kind of work., Althouth some of the work I have done can be said to have that potential and that is really gratifying. I just have to believe in what the mission is and what I am doing.

SO I am open to many possibilites with a broad net thrown to see what opportunities I catch and am considered for.

Something will be the right fit. Someone will see me as a good catch. I know the last job was thrilled for a while! The job before that the one Pres was thrilled- he loved my work and liked me. My boss apparently not so much! HA HA I this time around hope the one thrilled to hire me is the one I DIRECT REPORT to and not their boss who is gung ho so the hiring person goes along - but perhaps did not feel like it was their decision! I think that may have happened on one occassion.)

I just opened up the house as it is warmer out than in and I was feeling chilly inside! I got hot when sitting out on my porch in the sun earlier as the turtleneck wearing is perfect for inside but not when sitting in the sun! I did enjoy a nice walk with Bella who is feeling much better.

I brought her to the vet who said she looked good! The bite is healing nicely, so much so it was actually kinda hard to find it again to show the vet. No swelling at the site of the bite. She was very lethargic the first couple days but had bounced back a bit. The Dr. gave an antibiotic just in case- to prevent infection, which she will take for 7 days AND an anti inflammatory med as well for what he said is a soft tissue injury- sprain I suppose on her right hind leg. She was favoring that at first, but then on Sunday wanted to go for her usual walk and seemed OK. But then the next day she did not want to move at all so think it started hurting her MORE then- after the exercise! (Likely overdid it! She was not favoring it like the day before but think I likely should not have let her walk as far as we did.) Yesterday and today she really wanted to take off again but this time I did not let her go as much as she would like. Took her for short walks just to get exercise and strech but not to oeverdo it as she needs to give what I suppose is a sprain time to heal more.

She was outside quite a bit today but tied up! I did not intend to tie her up in the front in the same place she was when the neighbor dog came and bit her

BUT I took her for a walk, and due to having given her canned dog food- which she likes ( to get her to eat again after she was hurt!) and also the meds- she enjoyed her walk but had the MESSIEST poopy mess all over her butt OF course it had to stick
just 5 minutes before a scheduled phone call for job interview!! SO she was a absolute mess and needed a butt bath at least!
I just left her tied up on the front lawn to hop on my 10AM job interview call.

In a way maybe that was good? IT had been her fav spot to sit and watch the world. I suppose getting her back into her spot may get her over the fear of it? Not my intention to do so today-
BUT I just had no time to do anything else.

She was fine when I was out there with her.
SO I went in and took my call
and did hear her bark at EVERYTHING

I put the call on mute when the lady was talking alot and went out there. Bella calmed down immediately and stopped barking. I told her to stop barking "leave it" and that it was OK, reassured her. I came back inside and to my desk area and unmuted and continued the call.
She sounded less barky . but soon enough could hear her again in the distance of the closed up house ( at the time!)

Once done with the call I did wash her up and then sat with her in the full sun of the backyard, on the porch to dry and enjoyed lunch out there with her. She chilled a bit on the porch there.

I think it good to get her back out in the world and think good when on our walk we met other dogs the other day and interacted with them. Today we saw another small dog and she interacted like normal- approaching and barking but with the wag of tail like she was interested in meeting the dog and not anxiously. She did not look fearful but rather excited to play like usual thankfully!

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