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2023-02-27 - 4:42 p.m.

I am disabled at getting shit done today as my tech support is a total fail.

Oh yeah... and I am tech support for my company....

tried to outsource to the kid- the 20 yr old smart kid good with computers... but they were no better at it than me. They worked on an issue once for a bit and it would have been a great help if they figured out the problem.

BUT they bounced it back to me and said I had to log in.
I basically thought I said

HERE you log in and figure out the configuration

so I thought..

but they did not get it done.

NOW this is a different issue. (If memory serves correctly)

I have been pleased enough with using the domain manager I found at price point, their software partners for web site design and email


when I can't get in to reconfigure something which SHOULD NEVER HAVE CHANGED

and come to think of it- UNTIL I got notice my domain expired and I had to renew.

When I purchased it I PAID for 12 yrs so I understood.

I should not HAVE to renew. Maybe that was 12 yrs only of buying the domain name itself so I have a hosting service charge annually?
That might be it..
so I just accepted that ( as it was really cheap anyway and I was not about to waste time arguing over such a small charge to be honest. I just pick my battles.)

So I paid for renewal and figured ALL GOOD.

BUT I think I did it like a day or two late and technically it lapsed for just day or two....

and SOMEHOW the configuration with the email interface, with that email software being identified

did not auto transfer

so every email generates a message that I need to confirm me and force send.


I did not know this was an issue the first time it happened. OK NOT EVERY EMAIL

but any that have any thread it seems. Or maybe just some that have greater security? IDK the issue
But I was able to send the local municipality an asset list to be uploaded to my company accout for tax purposes and THAT Went through
BUT any correspondence with the one company I support and use that email for gets stuck.

I did not see an email for three days as it was in a SPAM folder! That was the first problem. (A few weeks back)
Then last week saw ANOTHER email that I also never saw when sent!! It was unfortunately a Program Manager who wanted my help on a compliance project. I lost work I am sure cause did not get back to her timely!! DAMN They had a dept meeting about compliance and wanted me on the call. (If lucky it is a slow moving project and she received my apology email well and invites me again and I SEE this next email).

But then last week I looks disorganized and flighty when the CTO sent me somethign to review and I sent back my doc with comments but it did not go through.

Today it is an email from the CEO (Sent over the weekend) with a contract he needs reviewed by tomorrow. GLAD NOT BY TODAY

There is a work around where I do this thing to get the bounced email to go through. Cumbersome PIA and irritating.

So today I was trying to fix this.

I worked with the email provider but it is the hosting services provider I need to fix set up with.

And for some reason the damn responses to the security quesitons are not in my head nor anywhere to be found.

What is irritating is I have a small notebook with all things techie in it for my company

I mean all the access info.

And you know I used to be paranoid and never write down security questions

But this is one of those highly technical sites- managing domain, and web page and email
I mean Information tech management site which is NOT EASY

NO it is busy with many options and capabilities and software developers are much better at this IT management stuff than contract managers...
I mean generally

Fuck maybe all the time...
particularlly better HA HA Not just generally

But the WFT is cause in my notebook there are a couple PAGES ripped out ASSUMING Cause it was nonsense NOT related to my own IT management and that is what I want saved in this book. Assuming it was work related for my job at time- and I wanted to remove it from here.

BUT the fact that it is after the page with hosting site log in info...

I mean if anyone else picked up this book the whole first third is notes from my old job.

I got canned and there was lots of space left so I used an OLD work book to capture my business info. Log in stuff etc..

cause no one would know it is there and not easily found.

where the hell are the log in security questions for this site?

And why the hell are there FIVE OF THEM that were necessary??

I mean some site designed by software engineers that is unusable by the rest of us. Just built in with too many contraints and layers of security that the NORMAL people who are users will have trouble managing.

You have to be a pro IT Management expert with great organizational skills to keep track of all those log ins ( Hell I used to do this at work...I was OK at it truth be told when did for SOMEONE ELSE)

But we the avg people kinda suck at complicated systems.

And I am an avg jane doe here when trying to manage my own company system

I kinda suck at it just now
cause can't find those darn log ins

BUT it also freaks me out that I THOUGHT this was the one time I was not going to be parnoid and WROTE DOWN the passwords- the security questions

Cause there were freaking FIVE of them

and I know better than to think a year later I will remember.

And what sucks is I feel like they were on the damn page that was ripped out.


No not at all.

Just irritated.

This is so annoying. Help desk are BOTS that refer to articles I am sure I am not even getting a person.
The articles are good

easy enough to follow the steps

But not a damn thing I can do when can't find the passwords/ security answers

And there is one override to remove the extra layer of security

But no luck there either. There is one security question and it looks like I NEVER configured one ( intentionally) on the MAIN Log in-
but the EMPTY question ( never chose one) and EMPTY response for answer do not allow me to reset the more complicated security feature on the one layer of configuration for my site.

HELL Good news is I figured out how to set up security on the site so folks load my website faster and it does not give a notice that the site is not secure. (SSL? I forget- I did that two weeks ago as after renewal had to set THAT up again too)

Whatever that is... SSL protection?? GOT that done. My site loads nicely.

I just can't email easily. I CAN but it is cumbersome with this override to force send my emails and they are going to spam or trash when coming from THE ONE CLIENT I HAVE USING THIS EMAIL ADDRESS!!

* The otehr client set me up on their systems. The one VP of this client suggested "Maybe we should give you a company email"


It is just a distraction.

OK so also procrastinating. The deliverable is due tomorrow. TIRED SO did not want to dig into analysis of a doc that requires research. There is an issue I want to chase down and read on before I review futher. Started last night ( when saw the work come in) and early this AM but was TIRED

So went back to sleep.

I am tired on Monday's after working the weekend shifts at the retirement community. Monday is my admin day- do other tasks ( like this irriating one of tech support)

JUST frustrated thought by 5pm would have RESOLVED the problem with my hosting provider .... after some text support IMs ( with bots surely)
still not corrected.


Cheap web domain

decent overall
but some snafus

I know.. you get what you pay for.

It just feels crappy at 5pm to feel like worked today but got nothing done.

Board meeting tonight. Tired still from weekend. and will be out/up late at board meeting.

I mean hell what are the odds I could recall all five answers?? Statistically improbable

I think should call it a day. Throw the chicken in that is marinating so dinner ready in an hour and will enjoy reading the end of The Book Thief while it cooks.
Then the board meeting.

Tomorrow another day. I can just work on the contract and then send it out- and hit force send and text the CEO to be sure he gets it ( we texted and talked today).

Then after that task done try to get help from the hosting provider help folks again.

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