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2023-02-28 - 11:36 a.m.

OMG Getting so close to fixing the email issue.
Figured out how to reset security so am in my management page of the website/hosting site/ to set up email AGAIN

I just email support as in following the prompts it said the servers my hosting site is set to ARE NOT The ones that are the default of my hosting service provider so I can not manage the DSN settings unless change to the hosting provider servers.

I Think the hosting provider actually did a change of using newer servers and that is what is going on. BUT I WAS NOT GOING TO TOUCH THAT
if my web site is not hosted there

I mean I don't want to BREAK any of my links.

I feel like that could have crashed my access to it all

I mean it all WORKS NOW

My web site
OK Almost all

But not sure why that incongruence between the servers I HAVE and the ones that are the default from the hosting provider I use

Some disconnect.

and I was not going to proceeed following the instructions to add the MX Record for my email if it takes down my site

SO tech support emailed again

But getting closer.

I also will RE SET UP security layers once I get this darn issue fixed.

BUt for now time to dig into the contract review.

CEO wants it today. I really wanted to get this admin crap done so I know no issue with email cause it is freaking EMBARASSING
to send emails and not know if they went then have to do the work around

BUT I can wait and see the msg if it does not go and PUSH IT

I CAN do the manual work around and get this task done and delivered.

I already had a call with CEO to tell him all the things I DO SEE as issues that he needs to vet to a liscensed attorney

NOT in my area of expertise and not in my wheelhouse

The delination of actual TRANSACTIONAL operational contract review I can do

and that which crosses the line into ATTORNEY ADVICE I can not and will not touch.

I made the deliniation and am staying in my line.

Not expert is some areas he needs comment on.

Easier to talk that through and be very clear so my email can be succinct. Will write " My review is limited to the following: X, Y Z...etc...
with business advices, noting for this one you are advised to seek legal SME counsel for legal issues concerning A.B C... "

I hate not getting what I WANTED Accomplished in the time I expected... ce la vie.

Joy of small business owner.

I am my tech support just now. (My kid did not have patience to chase this down for me as I hoped they would. They are not even awake. If they were awake, engaged in communication and interested I swear I would have trusted the super smart kid that wants to be an engineer to try to work with tech support and figure it out. They did some work for me in past a bit to try to trouble shoot. But they are asleep so the first employee of my consulting company is not available just now. I do have a second computer to have the kid do tech support which has no access to client files. So maybe someday if the kid is up when I need help and ready to report to work can get the kid helping again! IT would be a great help to me. The kid LOVES this kind of tech config puzzle and is actually good at it.)

Back to the thing I am good at. Will knock it off and deliever it soon then get back to this challenge. I WILL FOCUS and GET THIS DONE with perseverence not giving up til fix this issue!

MY company email HAS to be fully functional!

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