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2023-03-03 - 7:07 a.m.

Good thing I did not yet drop my car off. Kid let me know at something like midnight via text that they have a Dr. Appt this afternoon and need a ride.

Of course it is scheduled 45 min after a work meeting.

The work meeting won't be done for an hour.

This family needs to communicate better.

Its a meeting I CANCELLED on WEd cause conflict with another Dr. appointment for kid! That was my mistake as I did not look at my personal calendar while was looking at my work email/calendar and I missed the conflict.

I mean nothing all week by that 2pm Dr. Appt and I get the invite for the work meeting at 2pm same day and time.

Such is life with ADHD
Overlooking the obvious at times and seeing the nuanced particulars no one else notices is our gift.


At least I was able to see some nuances and details helpful when did work this week. Was happy had work sent.

Was NOT Happy when I sent myself a test email from my work email IT WORKED

BUT when I sent back a contract to the client that email did not go through.

DAMN the funky problem is not fixed. I hoped it was after assuances from the hosting provider the DKIM should be set up correctly. It is not set up correctly.

I am concerned that the server my web site is on- the server that my domain is pointing to is not what the help desk technician expected. BUT I think it is a simple case of the hosting provider having set up more thanone set of servers. I think I am on an older set ( I have couple addresses and two out of three work - so that is good cause that also means there is a redundant back up for my site being housed by the hosting provider. There is some fail plan if one is not working; or ability for load balancing etc... for the traffic to be handled in more than one way... however that is working

I think that works-
I also think the hosting providers current site tells users to map to a NEWER set of servers

and I dont' think those servers are the ones hosting my site.

SO I think in essence this is an error of config and that the help desk person may be mistaken?

But the instructions on the web site (the hosting site) that popped up WERE WRONG as they tell me to point to the new server in the instructions-and for my set up it has to be My Server addressess

BUT I don't know how to fix the issue. Reading trying to. And the help desk person communicating by email or text ( AI BOTS are what you first get when use the IM for help) are frustratingly slow as no one ever gives a freaking phone # anymore.

I could tell them what I think on the phone so much easier. They could explain if I have a misunderstanding on the phone so much easier-

SO FAR What I got was :
Written prompts to input some infomation when updating DKIM

which seemed wrong ( pointing to address not the same as my server hosting location) SO

I emailed tech support and copied the msg and they emailed back saying

DON"T DO THAT as that would take your site down.

As it would have changed where my domain traffic being sent and that address is not the right one

They said the config was already correct.

So one of those two statements of the help desk person are just not correct.
I am not sure which one and would like to TALK to them further.

But will keep reading about DKIM And MX and text files for custom settings of DKIM

I have no idea what the hell any of that really means.

Did I mention I hate acronyms?

First step is read what the hell each acronym means and look at their config instructions for setting up that thing which stops one's email from looking like SPAM.

What I find irritating is that fact


or the folks at the county for payment of company property taxes

or anyone ELSE

BUT My client when sending back work.
AND only my client's emails TO Me are ending in my SPAM or TRASH

That is the weird quirky. part.

Like somehow some message was given to MY Email to not accept or trust from them. OH but not ALL OF THEM. MY INVOICE went through. Just the actual folks I interact with in doing work for. At least the email sending my invoice to their accounting dept was read. ( I do have email tracking. That works. I can see when emails read from my company email which for business is a very helpful feature. I can also use return receipt which is essential for NOTICE if ever need to send any.)

I will get to the bottom of it yet. Just need to learn more.

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