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2023-03-04 - 8:43 a.m.

In other news things on today's agenda as I just chill at home

Plan trip to visit Dad and bros

I HAVE To prioritize spending time with them. Need to just use points ( I have a good Soutwest credit card with points and yeah I don't care about all their issues I am still grateful for a low budget airline on which I can find flights I can afford once in a blue moon!!)

I have such an URGE to pay off the credit card when I get the tax return.

HAVE to pay off PEOPLE first

its the right thing to do... but those interest rates are killing me...
And yeah I sent a payment late to AMEX Perhaps only once? Maybe twice... but once was ENOUGH to bump up the rate! (I had a good one. but if you are late you screwed up and get bumped up to the higher rate!!!)

I like AMEX for their fraud protection and consumer advocacy. They will fight and win for you when have charges that are nonsense.

OH Yeah on to do:

CALL AMEX to dispute freaking Masterclass auto renewal. I know somewhere I musta signed off on the damn small print auto renewal. BUT I somehow over looked and didn't even SEE last years ( 2021) renewal... I think.. I think it was 2020 when took an actual writing class ( The JCO one in which I determined I have a real love/hate relationship with her writing- but moreso on the aversion side of late. I just can't take reading her.. .yet strangely I am fascinated by her twitter of late.... SIGH.... glad also found poets on twitter

Book flight and plan to visit family

Bring car in (if get bike up and have energy to ride back. Busses do not run on weekends out where I live so can only drop off today if up for that treck back.)

SO first- service Bike. Clean , oil fill tires... go for short ride in town to see how it is doing... if all good and energetic THEN drop off my car...

can bike to chuch tomorrow.

WAIT Til pick up car and pay for its service and
THEN pay some more debts/ bills.... ( Trying to NOT pay off as much as can on credit card without leaving a cash buffer... DAMN so hard to leave any cash

YEAH that is today's plan.

And perhaps read/ play guitar.
Mayber write ( as in structured. Inspired by the very END of the BOOK THIEF where the author showed some of his process. He writes TO DO LISTS for his work! He creates structure and outline and rough sketch of ideas!! I have THOSE ALL THE TIME
That would be easy for me I think

The hard part is follow through.

BUT I am thinking if I follow his example of how he did it

It is very fomulaic

Outline chapters
of each short story in essence
each small moment in the life of the charcter/characters

create dialogue

*That is the hard part for me. I found a course on writing dialogue

Good resource

I think I will try to write a creative story with structure and see how it goes. (Longer form. Novel)

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