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2023-03-05 - 12:53 a.m.

Omg My Buffalo guy called and we did not talk for five hours.


He was succinct

My son was asked to speak at our Alma Mater

Cross Country peeps getting together that same weekend.


A concert my guy woukd like to bring me to also same weekend

So he basically , he said in response to my text sent of my son speaking there but that there is No way I could make it as I working and asked to switch with coworkers and got a no.... " I will call your boss!"
* it made me laugh
As he said. "That's it. I'm calling you in sick; booking you a plane tix and what do I need to pay you for lost income? "

( I asked to swap weekends with the guy on at work this weekend. We alternate weekends. He is out of town the weekend all the cool things happening in Buffalo. Trouble is I picked up the Fri and Mon full timer shift so that gal could have a long weekend)....

I just couldn't fathom asking my kid to fly me in and I didn't have the means and knew my car is not up for a long trip!

We laughed so much in talking like always...

But the funniest part of the conversation for me was when he said " Of course I can get another date . I am going and I'm gonna have fun but"

And I said " but I have right of first refusal. THANK YOU , as its way better to be the first choice than the back pocket if can't get a better date option."

I told him , " Ah I have an option contract with you, right of first Refusal and can call the option at any time! Feels good to have finally codified our relationship!"🤣

Joked this is a great step. We both laughed alot as I said " You know I had trouble celebrating the 5yr non relationship. 🤣 But I really like this clarity and that our relationship is defined now."

It is also sweet the gals I was friends with are also getting together. One was my college roomie who I haven't talked to in a while. Will call her. The gal organizing the get together lives out west but her kid is looking at the college and meeting with program director as she decides where to go. ( Super smart amazing kid who loves animals. My college has a great bilogy/ zoology animal studies of some sort program )

He did call late and I was woken up, but glad for that.

He has airline points from his business' credit cards so he has offered to fly me anytime I want to see him.

I just laugh so much when we talk. And when the gal from out west and her hubby and he and I hung out in past when I traveled for the Cross Country team hall of fame thing. . .
Well we a laughed so much too

He met them out when they were in town for some family thing in recent months, Jan I think and boy my heart literally ached wishing I were there with them. Ok it aches thinking of how woukd like to see him
But also knowing that if he is drinking himself to oblivion I can't be around that

Call ended " Love you girl"
" Love you too".

And will see if can have some magic done to get out of the work commitment.

Need to also find out when exactly my son is speaking!

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