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2023-03-09 - 6:00 p.m.

So excited to be heading up to Buffalo where there are a few fun things on the agenda.

Turns out there is a concert the night before the speaking engagement my son has.

My guy laughed at the time of the speaking event the morning after the concert-
and commented
"I saw the time of it and thought Damn, REALLY?"

of course- the talk is motivational for high school students!
Morning makes sense! School Assembly (or schools in this case as an event for a number of schools)

"I already know what is going to happen. OF course I want to see him speak and plan to get up for it... but I can already see how this is going to go down, You are going to be giving me shit about getting to bed "

which I took no offense to , as the way he said it so matter of fact, not attacking me but more facutally how he sees it-

and I responded,
" I can see how this is going to go down. I am going to give you shit the night before to give me the keys or be sure they are accessible so that if you get drunk and happy and then fall asleep and it is near impossible to wake you in the morning I can drive myself."

To which he replied "That may be a good idea as back up plan, although I plan to be up- and I have been good about getting to bed earlier and getting up early. I;ve been up at 7- heck working before that time in mornings... but its just that day..."

Hey he might opt to not drink that night at all... That is a thought.

As he said he has cut back the days he drinks, and the amount.

He said that in prior conversations. If he has cut slowly and enough perhaps he will have not issue not drinking at all when attend a concert.

Not sure he is there yet... or will get there.

AA would be very helpful to him.

I have suggested he consider it before and he has thought of it. Although the last time he thought of it is was when he was trying to help a friend far WORSE than him. It is a funny thing as I don't know if he self identifies as an alcoholic ( although it should be obvious).

I mean anyone who answers the Dr. honestly when the Dr. Asks How many drinks do you have in a day?

Oh... when drinking... about 12.

To which the Dr. had quite a reaction that he mentioned to me.

It astounding frankly his health is as good as it is considering his habits of drinking, smoking, and then WAKIng To drink Pepsi every morning with his morning cigarette.


BUT REGARDLESS of the fact he is an alcoholic, I still will enjoy spending a weekend with him and we will have an absolute blast for sure. ( i Know he drinks LESS when I am around, which is evident when he starts to feel super cranky day 2 ...I mean I think he HAS to drink or has withdrawal frankly. Wonder however if he has cut back enough that can drink a few drinks on weekend and not keep going?? I don't see how he could do that without support as I observed he feels compelled it seems.... and not sure if he can really have stopped altogether during the week... maybe small amouts?


But I can always call a lyft or uber to get where I need to be that morning of my son speaking. That will be super fun to watch!!

I will speak of the concerts after the weekend.

One is sold out ( the one the night before- but my guy wants to find tix. I said let's just show up and see if there are any scalpers outside at the venue last min. He was like- Nah cause then you often miss the first part if you wait til find them. I said "I don't mind that" and he said . "Oh but I do."Its an artist he has seen at least 13 times actuallly..... I will give greater details AFTER the weekend of the events. Heck not that there are any weirdo DL readers... but just in case... one never knows, right?? Try to not give details of specific agenda until AFTER places!! Some things have to be kept private!!)

OH i wanted a nap so happened to have just lied down when caught his phone call to shore up plans. ( I expected him to call as told him go ahead and just book me the plane tix; as wanted to go to sleep and he still had work to do for clients before he was going to tend to it the other night. I got an email the next morning and knew he would call to confirm and chat about it. I guess it was good timing as had the hour to talk, even if I missed the nap felt needed! Will just go to bed earlier!

I had to have my car inspected as got some letter I had not read fully- about how my car failed a drive by emissions test. OOPS read it yesterday to see it was from the STATE OF VA and they said get re-tested by March 1 !! ( ooPS I had glanced at it and thought it was from the folks running the drive through emissions business just trying to make a sale- to tell me to go through again etc...)

The instructions said to not fix the car but go to service station and have them run the test by a certified technician and THEN have them do repairs and then re-test
AND included a form for reimbursement of repairs!

DANG I read the letter AFTER I got my car fixed!

The guys at the shop I brought it to today said "They might not reimburse you"

But apparently I can send in the receipt for work done to pass emissions ( after the failed test) and they might reimburse me. Worth a try....

but I did not follow the process exactly. Will try anyway! The repairs were definately what corrected the emissions problem!

Got it done, got some work done for client. and then was just TIRED. I was intending to go to church to do some stuff- but will do that tomorrow.

I am so ready to sleep when it gets darker- even at dusk of late after being up with the sunrise!

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