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2023-03-10 - 9:56 a.m.

It's raining out.
My phone is dead ( cell phone) as I forgot to plug it in to charge last night.

I don't feel much like going to start to get anything done until I have that cell phone.

I realized in looking at my schedule that today is my day off. I work this weekend.

I really wanted to go to the movies but am glad I never did make that excursion. Paid off bills, and re-payed some family

and its amazing how when pay bills how quickly the money is gone.

I mean really

A 10K check from IRS and POOF

Paid off much but not even ALL ( not near) and cash flow low.

I opted to keep living kinda month to month and reduce debt that had high interest.

I don't worry too much about money but would be more stressed knowing paying high interest rates on past borrowed money

Than it would stress me to have an empty bank account
(If that makes sense)

Would perfer to have debt gone ( at at least reduced if can't yet get it oaid off ) than cash in hand

It leaves me in the spot where if anything happens I have ZERO emergency fund and would have to ask family for help again. BUT hoping to land more work before that happens.
*That is my thought now that the car is fixed and working well!

My mechanic is really great. I mean this car has been running crappy for YEARS. Apparently not the only crappy Kia on the road, as the mechanic said they have seen a few and finally figured out how to get them to run OK.

Extra thick oil. Same thing a guy at a gas station in city my oldest lives in told me. He said ignore what they recommend when look it up and go for the extra thick stuff for old engines and equiptment.

It helped when listened to him. When I next changed oil I think I went to a Jiffy lube out of conveience and the guy had no clue what that was about and then I just filled it myself a few times. The auto parts store guys when I filled it also acted skeptical as I showed them what I THOUGHT was recommended and they say "NAH, best follow recommendations", so I listened to them.

BUT turns out the gas station dude at a random stop in the middle of the night as was driving in my oldest kid's city was correct, and my mechanic has now done the same thing in adding that extra thick oil.

The mechanic also replaced all the coils and spark plugs, and now the car finally accellerates normally.

So since the car is stable, I took the risk and paid bills down.

The water not pumping into it. Does not fill.

I have to do the dishes by hand for the time being. I am not going to get it fixed just yet. Need to pay off the rest of the monthly bills ( autodraft end of month in about 10 days), and then next month's mortgage and see where at before pick up any extra unexpected expenses. It SHOULD be covered under that home insurance policy as I purchased one that covers appliances. But we all know what scammers they have been of late.

I mean in past years they used to come out and actually do the agreed upon work. They used to show up and replace your fridge
back in the day of bulk purchasing and warehouses where they stored inventory.

Back in the day when it was not only AMAZON with supplies in warehouses...

BUT supply chain issues, places like Sears going out of business, etc... labor issues, real estate costs going up and less workers on site-
moving things to remote and getting away from paying for real estate and storage

and I tell you services models of insurance by providing actual services and product replacement are a model I don't think is sustainable in the market today. They shifted to agreeing to let the consumer buy a new item ( if they could find one. Recall the days of shortages and chips not being available for all the new fangled improved modern appliances? Fridges on back order for MONTHS... not sure if past that COVID supply chain problem.)

I am just not hopeful it will go well. Will try.

I have to just run a real budget and see EXACTLY What I have before I spend anything more.

I used the darn credit card I HAD PAID OFF for parking at the airport cause it was already linked to my Spot Hero account.
* Don't use Spot Hero in DC!! FAKE Spots that no longer exist BUT do use it at airports and also I have had luck with it in NYC.

I want to pay cash for any co-pay if I DO have luck with AHS this time around, should I not be able to figure out the issue and fix the dishwasher water intake.

It might be something I can figure out? Will look up and see if so. I hear the machine make noise. Maybe I bumped the water intake line or it was affected when I cleaned out under the sink the other day on the occassion when the garbage disposal was stuck. (The offending item was a popsicle stick handle that had to be disloged from the grinder. I turned it off and found that item, and worked it and wiggled it and loosened it, then put some soap to lubricate where it was stuck and was so pleased when it came free and the disposal worked!)

I have to clean my house. I don't really have much energy today- a rainy day out and feeling low energy. I will at least get some done -like my bathroom and the dishes!

But realizing this is my day off makes me less inclined to want to run around and spend too much of it on volunteer stuff. I feel like I need to also carve out time for:

My own household mangement stuff and also

I have an agenda I have to write before Sunday, which means I have to show up at church and figure out what is going on ... what is planned, what needs more organization and planning... which I have to do. So yeah I do have a couple hours of work there.

Just writing now as think of the weekend as my cell phone charges.
Will play guitar now as the cell phone charges.

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