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2023-03-19 - 7:54 p.m.

I am exhausted and going to bed.
Just a couple TO DO items to be mindful and ready for tomorrow.

Told a client I would tend to a question and chat with her on Monday.
Of course when did that and put her off cause I was busy Fri it did not occur to me to check my schedule. Or maybe I did? My schedule looks clear

BUT I have distinct recollection of the conversation with co worker that she would work next weekend if I could cover the 20th for her.

AH SO I am working tomorrow

at 7AM.

Bright and early


Remember to:
* bring work computer for my company so I can

ON Lunch break perhaps

call the client I said would talk to on Monday to address her questions.

* Call THE Nurse Practioner I saw, or my other Dr. to get that new inhaler.

Once again I had an appointment, this time at a NEW office- and that nurse practitioner did not call in the Alburterlo script like she said would be done.
I NEED to get a new inhaler! I am traveling again...

YEAH after a break from visiting my guy up in Buffalo I am excited to go see him again.

Its been sufficient time and distance that I am not in love with yearning and frustration and broken heart at what can not be but can get together and fully enjoy the joy with appreachiation of what we DO HAVE and what we CAN offer each other.

BUT I will enjoy it so much more with my inhaler! SO MUCH MORE

I mean the residual smoke of a smoker is damn near intolerable by me otherwise.

Honestly lately I have zero tolerence for even candles. The SOY Candles my kid was burning in her bedroom down the hall were exasperating and irritating to my body from even down the hall.

Second hand smoke * even risidual, is just awful for me. My lungs could not handle it well BEFORE the recent further damage from the dumb housecleaning.

I swear I still feel congestion and irritation a bit- deep in my lungs , ever since that incident.

It is apparent if I laugh, makes me cough, and when laying down at night I cough up some mucus- but then it clears a bit.

But it feels like there is weird congestion

the fluid coughing up.
I mean it feels like there was some damage done that is still lingering and trying to heal.

I am irritated when I went in for the physical, I felt the dr. minimized it.

I looked up my old specialist I used to see, who I have not seen in years. The amazing Doctor who is both an asthma and pulmonary specialist that got intrigued by sleep issues, I think sleep apnea first was the thing that got him interested in sleep issues.
Asthma patients who also had apnea of his led him to be compelled to help them, so in a few more years he became a sleep specialist doc as well as the pulmonary specialist.

I want to see him as I know he will check out my lungs more thoroughly considering this kind of irritation and breath concerns started after that cleaning moment.
and is persisting at some level.

OK now to sleep.

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