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2023-03-21 - 1:47 p.m.

OK Good news The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality reports to me ( by calling them) that indeed the PASSED Emissions test was reported/recorded and MY case closed!
ZERO fine.

I am actually glad that the state of VA takes our environmental quality serious. I am glad my car is now not an environmental hazard.

I honestly did not know the performance issues were causing actual emissions concerns til after got the car fixed! KNEW there were performance concerns but I put in a new CAT Converter and the emissions codes were not showing up since then, Just engine issues reported. ( I mean my car was serviced and met emissions standard last Sept and I was thinking not due for inspection of that til this upcoming SEPT.)

So all good.

I trust the guy is accurate and a letter stating same will come.

AH Found the site on line where can look up VIN So also was able to CONFIRM it is all good! WHEW

He was not the one who handles the financial assistance but he said the criteria for that is that the work has to be done by a VA Certified shop and family income has to be under the threshold.
I just recalled however when read that criteria my income was over the threshold for those eligible! AH yes- found the criteria--
I had figured even though I used a shop that is not on their list perhaps send the application and paperwork and see what happens... but don't want to waste there time if CLEARLY not eligible for the help the state offers! I am not poor enough to get help anyway. ( Figured if could be eligble why not ask for help?)

OK one more thing taken care of today.
I will STILL Write a letter APPEALING on grounds that passed emissions. JUST in case...have " 30 days from the date of service of this letter with which to initiate a judicial appeal of the this decision by filing Notice of Appeal.

Heck yeah I will draft and mail my letter to be received prior to April 5th.

But now back to work.

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