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2023-03-20 - 11:52 p.m.

Truth be told I was ready to go to bed. I just opened my phone to read one damn poem.
I just wanted a bit of beauty before going to sleep.

Did not expect to be undone by what I found in just moments.

I really thought I was going to read a quick poem then come her to write about how I am delighted I have good work to do.

I have three projects-
one fair enough to call a project.
Two other more like tasks.

Three things in queue to do this week. I was disciplined to not work too late , to stop and cook dinner and then was trying to go to be early.


Last time I try to read poetry to relax before bed. I even have a pain in my back as somehow pulled it while laying here. Something that never happens. Must be the combination of crying while lying here with a laptop. Moving of the muscles that don't get exercised much..

They are sore I think, IN my back- yes...
Sat up and stretched and rubbed the area and it is a bit better. It felt like a spasm at first.

SO much for poetry being relaxing. DANG that was really the intent of reading before bed.

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