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2023-03-21 - 4:43 p.m.

OK Life obligations done; now ready to go to work.

Truth be told I DID do a LITTLE bit of work for client today, but honestly I felt compelled to get the life stuff out of the way so it is not distracting, no worries with anything lingering and it is just cleared and DONE so I can focus.

So I wrote the appeal letter, compiled the supporting documentation and mailed it out. Gathered mail for college kid and mailed that out ( it was gathered a few weeks ago and just forgot to mail it then of course, so the envelope sat on my desk. Just added recent new items to it.)
Paid the traffic tixs, both violation for rolling through the stop sign when going up hill just blocks from the destination; and the toll.

Made calls for medical needs. ETC

Walked the DOG

and a smattering of work in between while paying attention to how long it took so know what time to bill for ( honestly not long so not much to bill...but I went OVER the hours for one Upwork client last week so could not bill for time actually worked last FRI so also legered and will bill that time on Monday. Heck I am going to be paid for all time actually worked! Fair enough...consider it comp time, as still billing for ACTUALS of time really worked.(It was just time worked on Friday and not Monday!)
NOW I am ready to focus.
I am in this space where I am prioritizing my needs and my household needs first then moving FROM that center outward. I feel like it provides me better balance and far less stress than putting others needs first. It feels validating that I am SUPPOSED To be working only part time for the time being- as here it is almost 5pm when I am REALLY ready to work and give my energy and attention to someone/something else! Thing is I will do work tomorrow during 9-5 so am not going to work long now. Just to knock of a few quick smaller items to cross off the list.

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