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2023-03-23 - 4:54 p.m.

I'll be darned. Looking on stub hub for tix for the concert that my Buffalo guy wanted to take me to tonight,

as he did not yet buy tix;

and he was waiting...

and I thought he was crazy....BUT

He is correct. Tix prices last minute have precipitously DROPPED

and when refresh the inventory changes...

as some folks who can't go , are last min trying to re-sell.

He is a bit stressed as he is in the middle of a work call he wants to tie up

AND THEN can wrap up buying tix for us.

It is one of those things I would just do.. BUT OUT OF MY BUDGET

and He happens to have a STUB HUB refund from the Bills Game that was stopped , full STOP

when Damar Hamlin had his heart attack.

YEAH he was at that game, in Jan...

and has a stub hub refund he planned to use for the show tonight.

We did plan on just going to lunch with a college friend and her daughter, then coming back here to his apt
where he was going to work
and I was going to hop on one work call ( @4:30 just for a half hour )

BUT we instead enjoyed lunch , walking around the area I used to live in actually ( Elmwood strip). It was so fun walking in the rain actually. There are lovely touches on the city streets that were not there before.
Gold leaves embedded into the pavement at one section; and tributes to artist ( I saw Rick James name, and Robert Creeley's name....

rain was heavy so we did not linger as walked over those back to the car.

We ate at Elmwood Taco and Sub, and then gave a driving tour downtown; West Side, Allen Street. Canalside, Silo City and dropped them off so they could take the subway back up to the college.
The idea was to let the soon to be college student have an idea of the city.

So it was 4pm when we got back her! My guy wrapping up a couple things....
Will see if we do get tix to the concert tonight.

I hope so.

And I'll be darned... he was RIGHT
there are some with low prices again.

Looking hopeful.

He is rather picky. He wants to get GOOD seats and is trying to hold out for some that are not in the bleachers. I am sure some will manifest.

There are about 4 or 5 pairs now available in the nosebleed section, so only a matter of time that someone with GOOD seats realizes they can't make it and re-sells.
And apparently at LAST min the prices do not go for the exorbitant costs of earlier in the week so it seems!

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