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2023-03-28 - 1:42 p.m.

Well Bad News First

VEC appeal decision came in and all it said was
"Support Deputy Decision; ineligible for unemployment insurance."

No rationale, so not sure what the basis of the decision is. ( I really wanted to know as am honestly perplexed. I mean I fit the definition of unemployed- despite part time work that was additional to the job lost I should have been eligible to receive unemployment insurance from. Sure they should deduct what I earn each week, and report- but I am still perplexed by the decision "ineligible".)


I feel like honestly if one works full time but then gets NO benefit of unemployment insurance that have paid into

AND the health insurance is such crap

why work full time? I mean why lock into one employer with that commitment of your energy and time if there are no WORTHWHILE BENEFITS?

I mean I would be MORE inclined to keep the grind for a full time employer up if there were benefits that are meaningful. Like actually getting VEC unemployment payments when get canned (based on nonsense reasons). Like that actual insurance taken out of paychecks having some return when need help.

The only reason to keep looking for a full time job with benefits is really the retirement savings of a 401K.

That is the only benefit LEFT in full time jobs that makes it really worth considering.

The matching amt given from an employer to the retirement savings. That 3% over time DOES add up ( most match about 3% I think) AND the mechanism of setting up paychecks to auto pay into a 401K pretax is a great incentive for long term savings.

Whatever... it makes me tired navigating the darn VEC system which is cumbersome and awful. So finally now know it is a waste of time.

I can cross that off my list. All those weeks of capturing data of job hunting. Feels good in a way to be done with that cumbersome annoyance and time sucker. Just disappointed no return for all the time navigating that crappy system.

Disappointing also they don't really want to support WORKING folks. It makes such little sense but all I can figure is that the part time job, the one which is supposed to be the icing on my cake of earned income is somehow delusionally perceived as me being "gainfully employed".

Reality is I am DEPENDANT on having a tenant ( passive income!) and was also very reliant on the support of my family this past year.

Its also just weird how if you have extended family support therefore I must not REALLY be worthy of the help. It makes no sense as no matter how family are able to help - extended family, who have no OBLIGATION TO HELP or FRIENDS... just because someone CAN help you , should have nothing to do with the measure of whether under the LAW you worked the sufficient hours and paid into an insurance policy and therefore the insurance company should make due on its promise of providing support if get fired when not for any reason of failure to perform key job functions.

I feel like they do look at the income you earn and judge. I mean VEC should have NOTHING to do with how much you made but only whether or not eligible based on certain facts.

Oh well.. on to job hunt today.

I don't have any work in from the part time clients.

I am SO pleased with the couple of clients I do support. My focus is going to be on finding other clients to support part time rather than continue to look for a full time role.

I feel like in time I can curate more clients to keep a busier with work and increase income.

My sources of labor, if I wanted to find any proposals and get work for others- are all currently gainfully employed in FULL Time JOBS!

I spoke with my former co worker and while his contract is ending, his current employer who has been CONSISTENTLY treating him well and valuing him already committed to find him work on another of their many contracts. They have followed through each time thus far. He is in good hands ! (YEAH! I mean he was so nice and such a hard worker it just burned me to watch our boss treat him like crap. I mean the dude spent YEARS working in a fed position so this is his retirement next career, but he is not by any means doing anything LESS than really good valuable work and she treated him like shit I think cause he was older rocking the grey hair and did not move at lightning speed. Moving quickly is freaking overrated when it comes to jobs that require attention to detail! HE WAS SOLID!)

AND- my bros all employed! (Who were looking that is. I have one disabled bro who is not going to look. He just does not have the skills frankly, or desire, and it is not happening.)

* But the others landing jobs means there is less incentive to grind and try to find work for them. I mean there was motivation to start my own company, register in SAM as a small women owned and look at fedmine and SAM and read every proposal out there for technical or "other" professional services to find a good fit for anyone that is in my world, any of MY peeps who are fabulous talented hard working people that I KNOW rock jobs and roles and are WORTHY Of backing to pitch in support of a proposal.

I was not finding much that was exciting me. I pitched a couple postings here and there to someone or other.

I had three key players when started my company a year ago who I was motivated by to be honest.

Two are my bros;
one a former co worker.
I told my bro who lives in Asia, I would look for him in event something came up that is a good fit arose.

I mean , I DO admire my old boss at the company I got canned from who started a company and nurtures those in his world and give training and opportunities and if the person wants to do the work of learning and working hard then he gives JOBS To. They are not getting the jobs without the work of EARNING them. But I GET IT-

and honestly feel nothing wrong with THAT kind of "nepotism" if/when building a business that then ALSO lands jobs for others in the open market with fair and open competition.

So the good news is my two brothers who were unemployed BOTH landed full time roles. One is a talented software engineer/data scientist and the other the ESL Teacher, with journalism and communication background. He has done teaching of business writing in corporate environments in Asia, "business English", taught ESL on the college level. ran a paper. worked in advertising and sales over the years and is a creative hard worker. So glad he landed a full time role too. The software engineer took one a while back. He had been at Director level and took a step down but is employed.

Heck I will do same if good fit should arise. We are hard working and not caught up in title so much.

BUT if can land a job at that level , sure , will go for it and rock it too. That is the reality that we can do many things!

Some are not humble enough to be honest and act like an a**h*** and arrogant when NOT in leadership roles. (They usually do the same in leadership roles truth be told but for some reason get AWAY with it then.. HA HA)

My fam are not like that. We can work any role and fit in well enough.

So that is the good news of today. An email from my bro of his new job and new digs. Celebrating the fact that all the unemployed bros have been working. My bro who was a VP of a bank took a job at his local Target Deli perhaps a month ago, just like I took a job at my local grocer Deli for a time years ago! I mean WE WORK consistently. Just not the higher paying jobs. We work service jobs and are pretty happy doing it for some time. Hell we all worked since we were old enough to work ( but for the one autistic bro of mine. And even he worked the first half of his life when he had someone lead him and give him support in jobs it went the best. I think as he got older it got harder to be honest. It is easier to be quirky when a young kid in a job than as an adult frankly and I think his social phobias got worse as older.)

Covid hit the one brother hard however (who lives in Asia) as he and his husband had JUST renovated this beautiful vacation resort spot in the mountains of an Asian country that went into serious lockdown! His ESL on line teaching got his hard when he went from being one of the few on line providers to competing with the Philippines trained MBAs who were suddenly all over the place teaching English from their homes. He could not compete! He does not have a masters degree.

I mean they JUST Dumped their savings into rennoavtion of a beautiful space to create a resort spot/yoga/retreat center ( his hubby is a Yoga teacher/dancer) and then there was obviously the lock down. Travel restriptions in Asian countries were much more serius! I mean in some countries folks DID flee to the countryside to get away from the cities. But in the Asian country they live in ALL TRAVEL was stopped. I mean there were not ways for booking your vacation in the mountains.

The new venture was dead before it could take off. Some years pass then weather event hit and the once georgous space which fortunately my one son and his friends did get to visit way back when... (2018 I think) is just no more...

It was a lease as well. They did not OWN the space.

So back to the dwawing board...

of figuring out how to live.

I am just so happy he landed a full time teaching job again as it took a while to find it and he was definately getting down about it. A late night, obviously drunken post on Linked IN by him had me worried.
Sarcasm does not bode well on social media

and no one in their RIGHT MIND would post something sarcastic on Linked In of all places!

I mean really.... he clearly hit a low.

I was relieved all was well when I did reach out and had the bros reach out. Found he was fine.

BUT this is just such good news.

Yeah cause literally six months ago my family realized that WE ALL were unemployed ( technically underemployed- I mean none of us I think EVER have worked only ONE job! Seriously... we all worked since were old enough to hustle. My bros were those kids buying and selling you candy in the school yard, lemonade at the roadside stand...etc... til old enough for a paper route at 12.)

Random thought...
I just recalled my one bro was the band manager of a L.I. based band called Great White Shark back in the day...

I had fun growing up with my bros.

We all were hard workers, and we all loved music.

Family jam sessions were our thing when folks got together.

I enjoyed listening to my one brother practice classical guitar every night before going to sleep. He worked in restaurants on weekends, and during the week pretty much played guitar for hours at a time. I would come home from work at the supermarket and fall asleep hearing the classical guitar playing in the bedroom upstairs above me.

So the random find is this today, as find no record of that band whatsoever. (It was pre-internet days)
But found this:

On to job hunting. I just needed to chill with my cup of tea after a morning taking kid to the ENT ( finally); and then a nice walk with my dog who I wore out who is napping next to me.

Today I will head to the laundromat as there is no work in queue for me just now. I am waiting as pretty sure the kid who is home sleeping will want to come too.

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