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2023-03-29 - 5:22 p.m.

I have to say that the county social services dept just rocks.

They don't waste time and are super efficient. I mean some places go through hoops of scheduling interviews; I mean they have the extra step of dealing with someone looking at a calendar to find a good time.

This office just calls you, gets you on the phone OR Asks REAL TIME when you hand in the paperwork RIGHT THEN:
"I have just a couple of questions for you"
and then if you are OK with that ( BE OK With that people)
They then do what is essentially the official due diligence interview to determine eligibility and instruct what paperwork you need to send.
They give an EMAIL

They are not paranoid and afraid to hand out a direct email.

They are not so freaking paranoid and AFRAID of poor people who they are trying to help, like some agencies that set up fancy PORTALS and databases for information collection
that end up being complicated and DON"T WORK

all because someone , somewhere , got the fearful idea that it is less secure and a vulnerability to provide an email address on their system


I mean really

There is a phrase used "going postal".... and we know where that originated from

It was from a FED worker going mad at insanity of a workplace

NOT a consumer of services actually getting help...

Although... now that I think of it I suppose I CAN see how maddening the inefficient agencies are to navigate having learned of this in the past year!

SO kudos to the local social services in my county who just know how to GET IT DONE.

I gave a church member a ride to complete an application and see what help that person can get. They have to find a place to live and are on a limited income and having all sorts of issues....

Being able to EAT might help a bit.

Housing is a challenge for low income workers. So is transportation to get to jobs for folks who are not well off.

Thing is, that person I believe can humble themself and go live with family. I therefore offerered help to give a ride to get connected to what resources are out there, and to see the reality of their situation: Find a cheap apt to rent in their budget OR have to literally be homeless-
via either staying in a shelter OR
couch surviving without own place for 14 days
BEFORE can even APPLY for any sort of housing assistance.

I get it... its a good idea to have that criteria as some will end up moving back with family and it really WILL BE OK
EVEN if not desired by them ( or their family)... But hey I mean you have kids ... that is part of life.. the obligations don't just END upon a magic number of * POOF AGE 18 hit**

Not in this economy.
Maybe it never was that way, ever?

* My neighbor and friend Dr. Fauci currently is sharing his house with his 30+ yr old son and his wife. They just hit a tough time and moved into his house, taking a guest bedroom for about a yr to get on their feet for whatever reason.

* I think this is good frankly!! To be quite honest...
I think it ends up being good for their old Dad, as well as good for them. He was /is/ gets lonely. I catch up with him every few months.

Well today I was super tired.

I just needed to REST after travel. I mean yesterday was not enough of a rest day. I needed another!
I just now took the bike out of the car I intended to drop off to have fixed. NIxing that. I have one to go pick up. I have to go do laundry. I PAID myself from my company today! *YEAH
and watched as some checks cleared and posted... but think will wait til that pay hits the account and THEN go off runnning my errands.

There is just about $60 in my account before I am paid. I have to fill the car with gas and do all the laundry and that will eat that up quickly!

So I decided to just take one more day of rest. It was not so much a CHOICE to rest most of the day as it was the choice to NOT GET UP this AM! I awoke like usual as the sun rose and decided just to go back to sleep as was super tired still.

I think my body just NEEDED that !
I get wiped out if lacking sleep and up too late.
I needed more rest to catch up.

Baking some potatoes and there are some curry veggies so will eat dinner and go to bed early. The kids here bought all sorts of crap junk food which I know makes ME tired! I don't know why they want to eat this crap- Cheese Its, and pop tarts, and donuts and ice cream then wonder why they have no energy and don't feel well! OK truth be told I also ate that crap since it was HERE and easy to grab! DEFINATELY weighs in on my feeling tired! Sure if I went for a run or a swim to burn it off that would make a difference too, but I did not get moving much! I just walked the dog a few times.
We do have some fresh fruit and lettuce but I will head to the store tomorrow to get more good fresh veggies for salad. There were nice berries and really good fresh goat cheese and some frozen chicken strips cut up so last night made a really nice salad with that along with a raspberry poppy seed dressing. But no pecans (I missed them! I love nuts on salad!) and I really just want some tomatoes to make a simple salad with the Spanish olives that are in the fridge and that really lovely goat cheese-some Latin country style? Peruvian maybe? Bought at the International market and it is really fresh. I almost forgot about it!

Ah I just ate some butternut squash along with my baked potato. I had baked that the night before traveled and no one else ate any, It was still good.

These kid really just still don't like to eat their veggies.

No work came in the past two days from my clients and to be honest I was grateful for the days to rest. I am glad I do not work this weekend either. My awesome co workers all hustled to cover for me this past weekend so I could travel. I am grateful to not work until NEXT weekend as this weekend will finally catch up on the laundry!

I do have some work tomorrow, a meeting called ( I think? I got the inquiry of my availability but it was not scheduled yet.)

There is also this pattern of the other company of the VP I support there sending stuff on Thursdays! That is when he is ready for my review it seems.
Thu and Friday are definitely the busiest work days for my work.

So it will be nice if I have a couple of hours of work coming in tomorrow and the next day.

I think I am going to chill and practice guitar a bit and watch Netflix tonight (or read)- just a chill day/night. Oh yesterday I was up early as kid had doctor appointment. No wonder still tired! After awaking at 7:15 AM and getting her to the appointment she then was persuaded to drive a bit. We first went to a parking lot but I encouraged her and she listened to my prompting and let me guide her to practice on some good neighborhood roads- both in the suburban development and then on the back country paved roads. She did well! We then looped back through the main drag in center of town. She drove for an hour at least ( maybe more. I can look that up on my Insurance tracking app! It will have all the particulars!) This kid is ledgering the hours. She will take the driver test after the 40 hrs of practice. OK so I used to think I had THE ONLY kid in the history of VA who took that law literally and followed it exact. Now I will have had the TWO kids in the history of VA who follow that rule with such particularity. I swear the youngest may be on the autism spectrum too! It was not obvious but I am starting to wonder if we just missed it! She will do things only with a push. Only with encouragement. She wanted to just practice parking in the lot at first. (This was so counterintuitive to my nature. I was baffled. She said "If you don't know how to park you are not ready to drive." Ok- fair enough! But I was that person who flew down the mountain on skis and didn't really know how to stop and just figured it out... sitting down was what worked at first!) If I did not push her she would not have driven further, BUT she was encouraged and listened and then did it well! So I have to figure out how to also give the nudge she needs to follow through on the job application, and the college applications. She definitely NEEDS the nudge or does not get out of her own way of her own Doubt and Anxiety I think! Without a nudge she will never leave her comfort zone. Every kid is different! This one needs the nudge.

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