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2023-03-31 - 2:43 p.m.

OOPS further reading

If you are required to pay for the initial startup costs in your place of residence, these costs can amount to 4-7 months’ worth of rent. While the amount may depend on the region of XXXXXXX deposits usually anywhere from 1-3 month’s rent, are generally refunded upon leaving, minus deductions for any unpaid rent and/or expenses for cleaning or repairs. If the deposit is one month’s rent, it is usually used for cleaning or repairs. Key money , usually 1-2 month’s rent, is a non-refundable gift given to the landlord to express one’s appreciation.


So yeah there may be a need for the kid to have some cash to support the intial move to work in the foreign country.

Sure the fam will all pull together to support the kid.

and need to plan (as much as possible? MEANING Keep applying for full time jobs I guess?? And keep trying to find other clients...
I did have a lead
Someone told me yesterday they mentioned me at their C level mtg... gave my name to their VP....
I worked supporting them both in the past so hope they call!!)

BEcause further reading about this program ( from THEIR actual site) says:

" There may be cases where the real estate agent requires the equivalent of an additional one month’s rent as their commission. Furthermore, one month’s rent may need to be paid in advance. Please note that new Program participants should be prepared to cover all initial costs by themselves before receiving their first paycheck and plan accordingly. Please contact your contracting organization for more information before coming to XXXXXX"


So finding housing priority

and it seems it is on the program participants to find their place to live.

NOW I am SURE there is HELP with this by the program coordinators... BUT still

Going with SOME MONEY is at first of course expected.


Will do what can to figure out how to support the kid. Travel I think is in JUNE/JULY? PLACEMENT Looks like set in MAY?

Exciting for the kid! It will all be figured out for sure... but need to plan as best can.

Maybe not go visit my Dad just yet?

I was planning on scheduling a trip. Maybe put that off a bit longer til this kid arrives in the new job?

( I mean if I travel there is no way to save a dime and be ready to help this kid if help is needed.)

MAYBE I Can do a cheap trip? Drive and stay at campsites?

I Found a great one on the beach in SC in the past.

Will keep job hunting as a pick up of work with increase of income would be a big help for sure. Saw a good fit I applied for yesterday. (They are always out there!)

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