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2023-04-13 - 1:57 p.m.

People are such attention seeking idiots at times. I mean some people...

This gets me shaking my head

Just ridiculous.

The question of how the gov screens for narcissism is one I seriously have.

I mean I swear there is a problem of those wanting to be important attracted to roles that in a better world would attract those who want to be of service.


Without the need for attention or kudos.

I think a desire for fair pay a distinctly different thing.
Or the desire to value other things over work and wanting work/life balance to be of value such that ( like me) SURE will be of service

If it means have to be MARRIED to a job
moreso than present for family

Well then
Best be financially compensated.

I feel like military who are subject to moving every few years, uprooting family or any other gov worker who must do that for our national security should be paid well.

But again I feel like all service workers should be financially paid more and in general VALUED more by society.

I mean it is nonsense that those paid highest are often in entertainment. It just makes no sense.

I do think it great my son, who is an actor, finds it bizarre that actors are so revered in society.

Truth be told I get freaking ga ga... silly... I mean like fan girl silly when it comes to certain POETS.

They are the celebs to be.
I mean ...

heck we all have different values. YUP it is not realistic to expect to get all society to share and align by the same values-
we can try
but there are going to be outliers.
We have to know and be prepared for that

BUT it has to be hard to accept the reality that not all who take jobs of service really are signing up for the altruistic purpose of wanting to serve others. SOME see those jobs the way I see the poet

and the way some see the actors
or the athletes of the world

they want to be that revered person

they think their work and their access to information gives them STATUS.
They want to be revered.

So how does anyone screen for that kind of personality? for that kind of problem? (AS YES IT IS A PROBLEM A VULNERABILITY)

I don't know if anyone really knows the answer to this.

I mean who become politicians? That is perhaps one of the most CUSTOMER FACING positions of service, but come on, do most go into it because of desire to serve their communities?
OR is there a good percentage who want the attention?
OK enough venting.

Just struck me today. I suppose as I blew a job interview once asking the question "How do you screen for narcissists?"

And true it was a very IRISH PASSIVE AGRESSIVE Question

as the one particular interviewer rubbed me the wrong way. He was looking at my resume of actual service jobs and making faces of disgust when he saw I worked with immigrants.

I read him correctly. His body language
and I should have had more finesse.

Suppose I FAILED the decorum, self control, and psychological testing of the interview process of how to handle when goaded.

But that was not really it.
I just decided I was worth more. They were lo balling salary and sure I got disgusted. But that is not ego when you know it is a result of misogynistic as well as other trends

I mean I was disgusted to see a few other OLDER workers
being low balled on salary after 20 plus years of solid experience. IT was AGEISM CLEAR AGEISM
so when the guy was misogynistic in his attitude ( the other interviewers were not but he was my final one)

and when he was dismissive of any experience elsewhere. And when we were in a room full of 20 other new hires being onboarded and had invested days *(without pay) for the onboard training
but then the three older folks ( OVER 45 I mean not really OLD but older than the other 18 who were fresh out of college) were being told our prior experience was worthless

Well I just felt that company culture was not the one for me.

I suppose that particular experience is on my mind as I recall the lady who WAS ready to take the low ball , bait and switch offer.
They were going to start the three of us at entry level wages. I mean I still recall the paper put before me

It was thirty thousand less than what I made when working at Verizon 15 or so years ago. Insulting.
To not consider all the experience in between worthwhile.

The other lady took it. And I remember talking with her and her telling me that the difference was the few years older that she was. She was in her mid 50s. She talked of how once hit a certain age it is even hard to get interviews. ( she also was at the EPA and saw the writing on the wall so was smart to make a move when she did. That agency DID get gutted shortly thereafter!)
I felt I was a) younger and also
b) more confident and I would do better than that offer. She felt that things were so uncertain that she best take it and have security of a job that should last long term

And I did get a better offer.

I guess I just thought of her and the other, not even old- I mean the guy was YOUNGER Than me but regardless being told his experience did not matter. I guess I just keep thinking of her and hope she has ROCKED that job, is still in it and has gotten raises and is comfortable and happy she took it. I think of the guy and AM SURE he was not given an offer as low as mine, There is NO DOUBT, but I am also rather sure that he like me had no thought of taking a job that was not paying his worth. He told me there was no way he would take it if they did not adjust the salary and stuck to what he hoped was a shitty starting negotiating position. I got the sense the ego on the other side of the table was not going to negotiate at all. ( It then played out very clear he was not going to. I mean there was not even respect of trying!)

I mean the final interviewer show sexism so maybe he did negotiate with the guy- but he also showed disdain for anyone with possible differing views on immigration policy than his own and was just fixed on the view of me based on that immigration work on my resume.
It was the one part of the resume he was focusing on. It disgusted me. I mean I also worked at BIA
My understanding of the immigration arena is not naive, not from only one perspective and is rather well thought out and well rounded. I get it....but think this guy just doesn't really understand that space well at all.
I think this guy has a more narrow view to be honest and in his view he clearly only wanted people that think like him doing the work of his company.

That is the thing

We can have different perspective and STILL come together to work together and support a shared and common vision and mission. We don't have to agree about EVERYTHING

Its the folks with narrow views who don't accept diversity who I think have been tearing apart the fabic of our democracy in recent years, or trying to.

That just makes me sad.

But in all seriousness also-

Why does this crap even make the news? Some idiot reveals secret info on a discord server to a couple dozen gamers. STUPID


But maybe not? But is this news? I mean I just wonder sometimes

I feel like maybe not?

Not to suggest control of information at all. Just--- discernment of when significant. I have to read the article more.

But if some braggart was sharing info on a discord with gamers
I would think WHO the gamers are
and whether they would do anything with that is as important, rather the only imporatnt thing as well as the nature of the info
as to whether it is newsworthy

Just fire the dude.
Make sure he doesn't have access to info again

but why the story?
I kinda doubt any great vulnerability in that audience. I can't see folks scrubbing discord in search of top secret info- I mean spys...
I mean who is there?
kids in basements?
maybe my idea of gamers is limited and they are the ones we need to worry about but somehow I think that is also just another stereotype.

True it is stupid
AS stupid as the folks who go to happy hour and talk shop in public
or are idiots to make calls about anything sensitive in any place other than a secure location.

Just hope there was not actually any vulnerability.

EGOS are the biggest threat.


EGOS of folks who are yes, at some level narcissistic are our biggest threat. Those are the folks who can be sold. Those are the folks who WANT to be important.

So I again ask my question and think that is an important one to figure out:

"How do you screen for narcissists?"

Hell if I know even in my personal life. I just want to know so I stop DATING narcissistic men.

But someone better figure this out for our fed hiring.

YEah Loose Lips sink ships
is not just a saying

It was terrific as a slogan of propaganda during war time.

OK off to pick up some things for church event this weekend. Done with work for the day, and with organizing my email.

I have a personal email I rarely use, but for FUN Things.
It is also full of junk and needed serious clean up. I went through and deleted THOUSANDS of emails today and clicked "unsubscribe" countless times which felt good to do.

Just in clean up mode.

Time to walk the dog and enjoy this nice weather! Meeting friends to help with gardening and enjoy dinner. I asked "What can I bring?"
and Bottle of wine was the answer.

YES! I look forward to sharing a bottle of wine with some gardening friends over dinner.

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