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2023-04-23 - 11:55 p.m.

this is funny stuff

Talking to my Buffalo guy he had us both laughing so hard

I mentioned a job interview ( yes another, thankfully 11AM -- I was intending to go to bed early but my bestie from CA called and honestly its been months since talked with her for a variety of reasons... so after spending the day at church, I was then on the phone with another dear friend, then called my Buffalo guy but got a call from her... so it was an evening of hours on the phone with a couple friends and then him again-- had to call back as cut him short to pick up and connect with her)

Talking about the job interview... he made some

"hey you have been ignoring my offer for an interview for years"

and then as I kept talking he said "Oh, are you ignoring my comment"

I said (after finishing my thought he had interrupted) "No I haven't ignored, just processing what you said; I think I heard you ....but the only thing I could help you with professionally is landing a federal contract which you don't want as you already said they are a pain in the ass...."

(He already has had/and in fact does have a couple of those and finds them often to be more trouble than worth. LOL He is baffled at how it takes so long for requirements to be sent and no one gets back to him then suddenly it is hurry up as we have to place this order NOW before the fiscal year is over and money not available; And in order to win bid his price has to be so low that he finds not worth it (For the products he sells. It makes me laugh to hear the stories over the years from a supplier's perspective.)

I told him he doesn't need my help as he has enough business.
He said "But you can help me be more efficient " (OH so true. I love process improvement and he knows he could use that. He could scale SO EASILY if he were willing to actually hire a couple folks. He hired a couple in the past but I think he is such a perfectionist- and needs to let go of that.
He has been doing the art for years for the design work and he did not like the quality of the work of graphic artist he hired when he did hire someone. I think he should try again!

He said "Free place to live, not a bad deal- happiness... think about it, you take care of me and I take care of you.... not a bad idea ...."

Earlier in the conversation he was speaking of the progress he made on his to do this , and goals he has, and steps toward them. He said he hopes to keep plugging away at them and eventually get to point of other good choices- like quitting smoking.
I told him that would make me very happy if he quit smoking!

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