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2023-04-27 - 9:22 a.m.

I don't have much money
BUT I do have an IRA

I just moved $300 into it and then bought stock in Novavax

It was the most recently approved Coronavirus vax

Heck a high risk stock but I have a feeling it is a good gamble.

It has gone down very low; and so many figure we are done with the Coronavirus crisis; but I figure just like the flu this will continue to be a public health concern that is with us
and I am going to guess that we will all be getting ( or many of us rather- those who chose) A vax, just like many get a flu shot every year for years to come.

What the heck.

I invest in things I believe in.

My Jones soda stock plummeted (HA HA)
some coffee Carabou Coffee... stock likewise not a big win

But just a couple random stock picks that were low affordable kinda penny stocks as well were my picks.

No tremendous research, just a small amt of money to gamble as yeah it is a gamble.

Random medical marjauana company (well not random as friend said "Buy this stock" ; when next saw him said- "hey I figured Why not?" and he said "you didn't sell it??"

I mean how was I to know that was likely some tip to flip it for short term investment.

NO idea what his enthusiasm was based on but when he said that it made me think - Oh Lord I don't wanna know

and I just wanted to go find that Sistas episode which is kinda hilarious when some random lady at the airport commits insider trading and gives the character Zach a tip to buy stock and he does it

Is it Insider trading if you are a naïve recipient of information?

HA HA Well it certainly is not if you are not quick enough to understand if in fact the tip was an inside tip or not....

I honestly am not sure but am suspicious
but know nothing about the company and the friend's connection ( if any?) To it at all...

so am clueless

Clueless enough that if it WAS A tip it went RIGHT OVER MY HEAD

which is what I kinda find seriously funny.

As I would have had a BIG Problem if someone was shady like that

It just made me realize there perhaps is a reason you see smart men attracted to dumb women sometimes! HA HA Some WANT the pass through entity of a significant other

someone everything goes over the head of....
so they can manipute

Shit that is awful to even say. The troupe of the dumb accoutrement I mean it devalues women and is so misogynistic YET.... there

I have to get paid from my tenant and then am going to pay the mortgage and with another pay check think will then pay back my final debt to family ( SO CLOSE) so even though felt like I should have paid that first when came across a TWITTER FEED of the vax being available for those who want it somewhere in Canada, close to Buffalo...Toronto area for a couple clinics

heck figured... jump on this when have the thought.

It is fascinating to me how if I wanted to transfer money from one account to another I would have to wait days for it to settle ( to get cash)

BUT When transfer money from one bank account to another the bank makes the amt available as CASH available to trade IMMEDIATELY


If shows up as cash for trading RIGHT AWAY

That is so messed up

BUT They make money on each trade so are happy to use THIER MONEy To do that for those buying stock. (Which is a reason they hold funds I am sure to begin with even moreso than any actual need for accounting and reconciliation. I Mean really... I have ranted about this for years.
cause it is not like someone is physically moving currency from one place to another. NO IT IS JUST IN THE INTEREST OF BANKS TO HAVE THOSE DAYS WHERE THEY HOLD THE MONEY
and they make money on EACH Of those transactions


Ok did that , on the whim as saw opportunity.

Now to work. I actually had two 10 billable hour weeks in a row and honestly am pacing myself to not go over 10 hrs again this week.

I want to not bill too many hrs-well, unless I renegotiate the contract have a cap with one client. I honestly worked Friday and DID NOT bill for that time with that one client. I am kinda ok with those couple hrs thrown in...

No matter...

I also picked up another part time reception gig. I was recruited by the Nursing Director who is a consult nurse at the place I have worked for years.

Its low pay per hour but work I enjoy and the hours are perfect. Just a few nights during the week after their full time receptionist is off. They apparently had some young adult that was there who was not very attentive and welcoming to folks wearing earbuds and on their own phone completely self absorbed

Not surprising.

I mean Customer Service required fully being attentive and present.

I have to look up how I can set up regular contributions to my IRA from my business account, as payment. I mean I started a company. I mean look up that that is ALLOWABLE as a small business owner. My company gets paid for the clients. All the operating expenses ( monthly insurance, adobe subscription, cost of work laptop etc) come out as expenses. I get paid for work pulling salary.
As I transferred the $300 from my personal account to the IRA where I have the tiny account for buying stock it occurred to me if allowable under the IRS I would like to pay myself a bit in interest free contributions direct to that IRA periodically.
What I can afford to contribute once pick up a couple more clients and am making more than just what need for bills.

See no reason it is not allowable. But have to research it. I downloaded the form to set that up with my business account if it is kosher.

That would be great! Cause the one thing about working for self rather than a company is you don't have benefits- unless can set them up too. Even more than health insurance ( to date! If have serious health issue that of course would change)- I have appreciated employer 401K plans.

So after 6 mos this part time job does allow contributing to their 401 K plan as well. That is a good thing.

I thought I was done writing. Just wrote the TITLE for this entry.
I do believe when work manifests and someone is recruiting me in saying yes to that ask.... to a point. Sometimes it is not worth it if the energy it would take is too much.

Right now I do have a few work projects ( well paid) and that one for the local construction company. Once I got their doc to review I realized why they never had their lawyer do it- it will be a five hour project (FOR SURE!) I will definitely knock that off today. I just have to get it done! A couple hrs for my paid client but I have to invest that time and get that done.

Their doc needs work. Lots of gaps/holes in it I saw. I also did not get an email back answering a couple pertinent questions.
I think will have to pay them a visit. ( I REALLY LIKE THE COUPLE RUNNING THAT COMPANY! GOOD PEOPLE... she is the one who is more interested in socializing and was like "Take your time...its been four years since wanted to get this done")

I thought it would be a quick turn but the thing is, this company is using a Purchase Order and I don't think any other accompanying contract. So the job for them really is to draft a decent contract. Its marvelous to see there are so many good people out there STILL doing business almost on a verbal and handshake who yes in fact have not had all sorts of problems because of it.

I mean it is amazing to support a couple clients (and the volunteer gig- this is from the local business association- the construction company who was just being supportive of the org and me as a new business owner-honestly in KINDNESS and GOOD WILL and contributing giving back to their community who bid on my 5 hrs of services)- who have solid, successful businesses who I swear have had at times the some of the most loosey goosey contract docs

BEACUASE they have HIGH TRUST , due to HIGH RELIABILITY and HIGH QUALITY Of consistent good service following through on their promises will great quality work.

That creates low risk!

I am just so pleased that I am supporting companies which I swear just have a different FEEL of the culture of them. They feel so much, the word SAFER came to me

Like working in SAFE SPACES with less risk of something being off (if that makes sense!)

THIS is why I wanted to work as a consultant. I don't do well when there is any playing around, I mean anything that I think is not kosher.
It might be just PART of a company, it might be one bad apple, or it might be the whole company culture as leadership have issues ... of being competitive and not trusting others ...
I have a problem when there is something I am not on board with and then articulate my discontent if compelled to do so.

Its not necessarily an ethics thing; but sometimes is and I have been the person to remind of some obligation or say NO Sorry can't do that... and been in the uncomfortable position of the enforcer OR I am in a position begging folks to do something different ( like stop microinequities etc... aggressiveness of being racist or ableist I mean I have seen it so often its sad. Its one of those things you can't UNSEE once aware and it can be very difficult to change.)

So just so happy to be supporting clients where I am not seeing that kinda stuff.

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