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2023-04-30 - 7:38 p.m.

Well, the 🚗 did not make it.
I took a Lyfy
I arrived late ( just by 10 min)
But not early as hoped so did not get to put my order into the kitchen

As I was applying for jobs all day til time to leave I really did not eat well.

I was so hungry. I ordered food.

I NEVER do that but the full time gal said help yourself to snacks and I did not want to overdo it.... I mean I looked in the drawer and I had brought some chocolate to share yesterday and it was gone and the weekend crew did make quite a dent in her stash! ( I honestly expected the others to be a bit more moderate with the chocolate 🍫 left....oh well...
I did get some fabulous Thai food, but there was am order limit of course of $20....and I just splurged and figured today will be a wash.

The Lyft back home is more since it's the whole way, not midpoint ( as I did drive part of the way before the car was sputtering and I continued a bit before deciding this 15mph acceleration felt distinctly different than the prior engine slow downs. Its even worse 🐌 and sounds rougher.

So I found a place it should be fine parked overnight.

I have to get over to the rental car place in AM early as of course have a 9:30 am appointment tomorrow with the ob gyn it took months to find then get in to see.

I opted not to pay close to $100 more to get a car closer to where I live in my town. I am going to get up early and do a combo bike and public bus commute to get over to the car rental spot. I recently took the green back up bike to a Dr. Appt in town and have caught onto using those disc breaks on the pedals. Ah now I am pleased at this plan as the rental had option of getting any random car...not a specific one...and having the bike with me will assure I won't fail to get a rental the bike can fit in!!

I have to get up early as it will be an adventure to get to the early bus to the airport. The busses all have a rack on front for the occasional bike and bus riders.

Oh and I ran the numbers, tallying up transportation and my food costs today. Its a wash! EXACTLY. I calculated taxes and deductions to NET ZERO 😪

I spent exactly what will take home for today's shift! Ha

But the investment pf time and expense to get here is in the long term gain....not the short term for sure.
It will be worth it after some time like most things. The initial return is often not there at all when starting anything new.

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