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2023-05-03 - 12:10 p.m.

So some people spend there money on drink.
And some gamble.

There are industries built around capitalizing on pain

Pain relief
Or selling false hope

But also giving moments of relief
Maybe even joy

Then there are some who to quell their anxiety subscribe to all sorts of fads
So called for health

Many of which are questionable when it come to the actual scientific reality
And factual basis of their claims

More spin and selling peace of mind....

So some of us ( after challenges finding doctor's to take insurance) perhaps pay for unnecessary tests.

This Lifeline Clinic
Head at a Catholic Church doing screenings for private pay
Could be a scam

Selling peace of mind for few hundred dollars. .
Perhaps the church gets a cut...

Maybe just maybe there is actusl benefit to the doppler image of blood running through my two main arteries

Maybe none ..


But it does give peace if mind.

You know some pay $100 a pop for therapy ...

I just journal and paid a few hundred ( yeah I added test of kidney level of something. Some substance that measures kidney functioning for $60. Cause I have no clue if my doctors ever ran that and I feel like don't recall that...just history of high protein in urine and a couple serious kidney infections in my life. One Dr. Said " You might want to set your kidneys looked at but back then she made it seem like wait and see cause of abnormality she thought a possibility could not find out without some seemingly invasive procedure...
Or extensive testing.. and she said wait but be aware could look into thst further.

So added that basic test of son enzyme or other.
If creatin? ( again seeking wrong. Did not write it when read it .....oh wait so easy to go read it agsin at check in deak. Creatinine
If I recall correctly that is a protein and half expect it to be high.)

I will read more about that to understand it AFTER the fact.

But yeah
After months of the search for a doctor abd it being hard to find one to do a biopsy

Even if thus is all folly and a Thanos style scam ( Elizabeth what's her name's company?)

It gives me some sense of peace.

Even if false sense of control
False sense of being able to really care directly self preventative to ensure health.

Heck we really can't ensure anything.

Bit like we all know what we can control, if not genetics and past damage to health
Is diet and lifestyle.

So yeah exercise and healthy food are worth spending on.

Ok after all the screening I was writing about , inclined to make fun of the two mask wearers who had them hanging on their chin below the nose 👃 covering mouth only ...and inclined to make fun of the lack of strick universal precautions ( no gloves, no hand sanitizer or even access to a sink for soap and water for the medical technicians using doppler. No paper for in between each person but they did use paper towels under head only lol. I apprechiated the one who used the whole roll like a pillow then rilled off and threw out the part laid on in between each person. One had a name badge proclaiming "Medical technician since 2015")

The gal doing blood draw did on course have on gloves! She was the exception.

But after all that critique and skepticism

My cholesterol levels were immediately read. They were high
Consistent with last blood test so not an anomaly and I have to watch both diet and exercise regularly to keep that in check.

It is also nice for old people to be give a card eith their results and easy to read understandable explanations of the cholesterol reading. What each component is. So yeah.

I don't think wasted money if it helps folks pay attention to their health and gives peace of mind
Truth is these are tests doctors likely run routinely. But so few doctors feel need to communicate clearly results and take time to explain what they all mean. That us the gap I think this company found and are filling in the market.

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