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2023-05-04 - 7:22 a.m.

Interesting to hear just a bit about the writers strike being over residual payments.

When my son first became a professional the main advise I had was "Negotiate royalty payments"

I had to look up residuals as honestly was not sure of the difference:

About a month ago I received a book I ordered on contracts in the entertainment industry.
It is an area I have not worked in and I love learning something new. I figured I would read it and give it to my son as a birthday gift actually.

Good timing, eh?
SO, I have finished the project for the local business. I am up to date on assigned work for clients.

I have to get Pre Op Lab work and laundry done and should invest time in exercise and housecleaning this week. So it is good it is a lighter work load for my company.

It was also good since the car stuff was taking up time, in addition to all these medical appointments.

I am so happy to have this medical procedure started. I expect a full blown operation next of hysterectomy.
There honestly is this FULLNESS I feel- I mean I feel a heaviness and can't wait for that issue to be taken care of. I also wonder if that is somehow related to the heaviness in my legs and pain I have been feeling- like is there some nerve being hit? From the excess tissue and pressure? something being hit?

Or weight? I don't know but it is such an odd leg pain when walking or jogging; odd feeling and not at all same as muscle pain AFTER exercise.

It is like WALKING itself and trying to run is very painful. It has no correlation or comparison to the typical pain of a muscle being worn and worked hard and that kind of after exercise heaviness.
It's like I can't run with out pain which is very different from the muscles tightening AFTER exercise.

I have a lot more empathy for my kids truth be told as if this is an inflammatory response; some auto immune thing causing that kind of pain and if this is at all like the pain they feel NORMALLY if they exercise I then get it why they don't move. It honestly hurts much more than the pain after long runs or long hikes when it is hard to move. That is a heaviness that just feels soreness and heavy muscles and this is a much sharper and deeper pain if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I had tried did not continue much a few weeks back but just came back home. My legs hurt at night. I am going to try to exercise today as thought maybe stretching would help.

AH OF COURSE I Found this-

So it may be related. I think it is:,associated%20with%20uterosacral%2C%20sciatic%2C%20and%20cystic%20ovarian%20endometriosis.

I don't have endometriosis but the other thing- and the cyst and fibroids so yeah; so seems this is a secondary pain from that ( somehow. I would love to understand how and why).

BUT regardless I am glad to finally have medical care to take care of it and once it is resolved the pain should be gone. I am kinda glad that is the cause of it cause was starting to worry there was something ELSE WRONG with me ( like MS or some other serious ailment that would not be temporary. The persistent neck pain, migraines and that- oh yeah yesterday AS I WROTE I had another ocular migraine. I literally ignored it and kept typing as I touch type and the waviness was happening WHEN I WORK UP after a few minutes of writing so knew it was not eye strain! I ignored it and it went away after a few minutes like it did in the past.)

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