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2023-05-04 - 3:24 a.m.

I just caught wind of some old news story of rash of thefts of Kia and Hyundai. Was looking for class action on the lack of accountability replacing engines.

This is crazy Found Some tik tok trend teaching folks how to steal the cars?

Are these a bunch of crazy Robin Hood Holligans stealing cars with crappy Kia engines so the insurance company will consider total loss after they crash them?

Hell seems like a win for many Kia owners who have crappy engines that Kia would not replace if you ask me. I guarantee the evil genius criminals behind this trend are KIA owners with cars that have shitty engines. They are not stealing them to DRIVE THEM but stealing them to DESTROY Them and have some value from the insurance. That is my guess- that is started as an insurance scam!! With someone stealing their own car. That is the OLDEST car insurance fraud scam there is!!

Having ones own shitty crappy dying car just get "Stolen" So a loss can be reported and a claim for theft made. ( Unless polices don't cover theft anymore. I don't really know as have not thought about it but this was TOTALLY A THING in NYC, LI area 30 yrs ago.)

Wouldn't the insurance company give value of car as total loss??

AH YES- think so

YEAH I swear this trend is a bunch of teens who have a twisted sense of justice (the alternative justice system- when following rules does not work some take matters into their own hands.) HEY if you have a car WITHOUT A crappy engine and don't want it stolen- check this out and mitigate the issue by getting an immobilizer if you can or some other work around or anti theft alarm Fuck if someone stole my car they would not get far!! LOL I mean they would get CAUGHT stuck on the road I mean who wants to steal a car that putters along in slow mo??? REALLY? I just am so suspicious it was not welcomed by most of those "Stolen" Kia owners! LOL

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