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2023-05-04 - 10:37 p.m.

So...of course the extended warranty I am told was for up to 150K miles on the Kia engine that I ran for 175, 000

The mechanic who had it riding awesome had figured out how to use engine additive and that extra thick oil 4 older wnlngines and trucks and I had a few months where it was finally riding ok! My fault for letting the pil run low. I shoukd have been topping it off and then could still be pushing ots limit further.

But.....I did lapse in thinking to fill the oil.

So. The local service manager said I can call Kia headquarters but my car is not showing eligible for the warranty.

Interesting not one of the dealer records cites the knock sensor engine code which is the one my mechanic pulled. When that did show up they cleared it but I swear pretended not to see it! Those times of the dealer acting like nothing wrong were just a few hundred miles shy of beyond warranty! BUT Still in that warranty and they knew it.

I will try one last time but don't expect luck. I did ask the dealer to find cost of a replacement engine for me. Just to consider.

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