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2023-05-07 - 6:30 a.m.

Interesting to me how social scientists and actual scientists seem to not pay attention yo each other. Math is central to all studies of data. Both look at factual data
It's so fascinating to me how folks look at one puzzle piece and miss the big picture.

Twitter is the public forum for mutual aid for long term disabled, and yes some of whom want to work but report it takes three times longer to do tasks than it used to.
Articles like this are also out there as if the decrease in productivity is some mystery. Only a mystery to those ignoring the mass increase in disability from COVID.

A few years ago very few knew what dysautonomia is. The shift is now more live with it and there are also very real shifts in what people value. It's wild how different perspectives and attitudes are.

Forbes ran an article on the economic indicators of decreased productivity and it firs not acknowledge this projection to extent I think it should. The below is not old news.

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