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2023-05-07 - 6:58 a.m.

I wish I had time last week to straighten my room a bit more before picking up my 20 yr old who will be my roommate 4 the next week.

I did clean my bathroom and picked up the floor and ran the Robovac ( My fav housekeeping tool EVER...the $130 version can buy on Amazon).

But it's the PILES
The piles of things taken out to be put away I did not get to:

The clothes worn one time not needing laundering yet but needing to be hung up,
The clothes that DO need waahing that are in the pile, but need to make it to hamper,

Then the laundry needing to be done ;

The stack of old photos 📸 pulled out when traveled to see my son
That I brought at his request still in pile on bed ( finally removed from the backpack I traveled with)
He said they were great and took pictures of just a couple on his phone
But he seemed rushed , ( it felt like)
Guess he found what he needed
And he Said " Oh I looked at them " and stopped and I jnow he had not looked at all I brought and he was done visiting....

I mean it waa nice brunch
But I forgot in the moment to tell him to also pull ot the slides

Yeah he was done with print photos and I told him I brought negatives too

BUT I forgot those envelopes he failed to open weren't just negatives

He missed review of the slides. I don't know why that hurt and felt like such a disappointment later but it did. I guess cause in the moment I believed when he said he looked at them all but realized later he missed some gems of the capture of his early life

It was my mistake for not realizing ( I feel like I get distracted too! We were talking as he rifled through the photos.)

And yeah we has a nice lunch.
He was present and attentive

But I felt like he was distracted and it was rushed,

thinking of the next thing on the agenda.

Suppose venting of that now as it is at least nice when see my son and oldest thst they act like they want to enjoy time with me.

But worrying about the oldest who has not called bsck and hope it is not that she thinks it is necessary for her to protect some boundary for herself
Thinking she needs protection from the kids here

I mean the youngest two ARE negative but I would have thought she wpuld have wanted to come to celebrate the graduation too. Not syre why she dud not come. Anyway,

It's such a lovely space I am chilling in this AM but disappointment that the graduating senior opted yo stay on campus last night. I allowed it cause UT did not seem worth it yo have a big fight insisting I was picking up the grad then when the Gras was not ready and wanted to be picked up this AM.

My graduating senior did not want to come chill with fam here at airbnb. Made me disappointed but understood the kid wanted last night with friends. The kid also was not fone packing. I remember that challenge. Thus kid is not leaving campus yet but gor this week as still has a month of intensive final project. Covid set back in person student teaching and that was finished but this required senior research project needs completion. Ok off to pick them up then rally these two here to get up too.

The three if us did have a nice meal here last night then to bed early. It was just weird the Grad was not eager to celebrate here with us ( to me weird) I mean I got the nice place for Two nights to give the kid this experience in a nice place, and the whole fam a mini vacation.

And tge other slept 😴 all afternoon after the graduation!! Lol
They were up til 2am watching a Fast and Furious marathon the night before, and night before that.

So I chilled and played guitar and read poetry enjoying the geaorgous afternoon on a nice porch in the mountains ⛰️ taking in the trees 🌲

Felt a bit lonely til relaxed and got into my guitar 🎸 playing and singing.

Then around 7 pm made my way to Dollar General to find a skillet meal to make. AirBnb left a nice bottle if a sparkling Rose and the young adults awoke and we actuslly did sit at tge table for the meal and toasted the Grad who was still cleaning their dorm room! ( So they said...)

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