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2023-05-08 - 8:59 p.m.

I am not always a rule follower.

I mean, I got the preoperative instructions. They include Pre Procedural Skin Instructions

to get this special wash- a solution that kills stuff on your skin
(microbes? bacteria? ...stuff....stuff that can cause surgical sight infection)

BUT....I am not having a surgury that reequire making a CUT of my skin anywhere.

This is a gynocological procedure AND
the isntruction say about this cleaning solution:

"Do not apply to face, hair or genitals"

Well That seems like it is then not practical or appropriate for it to be the PreOP procedure?

BUT I see the oddity that it is routine for ob/gyn surguries

OK- suppose killing germs everywhere else ? Somehow thought helpful by someone?

OF course I had to do my research before going to buy this stuff at the pharmacy.

and I found this:

No evidence it is really helpful.


I CAN call the nurse line to answer any questions. Might do that tomorrow as the instructions seem incongruent.

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