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2023-05-09 - 7:45 a.m.

On one of my computers I purchased a warranty including service to fix if broken. I also purchased all sorts of insurance.
So I have computer replacement from insurance policy
and fix it services.

I also have TWO laptops

Trouble is I think I purchased the warranty on the NEW laptop, which I bought intending to move everything from the first to it.

THEN when turning it on you needed a Microsoft account
and I first turned it on using the WORK issued one

and it gave a prompt "This device is controlled by company..." some such language

In other words I connected it to the company system.

I sent them an email to let them know- they would see my device.

I had WORK for them

So wanted to get it done

But there was no way to access their shared drive and the files I need to do the work UNLESS securely connected.

Trouble is that is now a dedicate machine for that company.

I just got a FAN NOT WORKING property on THIS machine and prompt to shut it down


Going to just vent and do so as don't want to fry this like I did my engine.

Off to return the rental car. I need to send a contract to the NEW client today.

But will wait ti later as don't want to FRY This machine.

First need to return my car; then BIKE back to town from the car rental spot. I DID get to the bike shop at 6 pm and they had a few other customers there too! I called to see if they would be there if I ran just a couple minutes late or not and they were so gracious and kind.

SO after my preop call with nurse; got the bike; and today it is raining this AM but hopefully STOPS later- I want to time it to return the car by 11 (later costs more!) then bike back hopefully not in the rain but need to dress for rain.

BUMMER I can't really work now as if I do that this will overheat. SO just quick update here then machine off.

I hope to not lose everything on this laptop but not a crisis if I did. (I use a server I can log into; decent third party services with good security.)
I just have not set in log in elsewhere so need to!
(like phone. I HATE doing that but may for redundancy for time being)


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