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2023-05-16 - 7:09 a.m.

In what feels like an act of faith I found a reputable computer repair company and dropped off my work laptop for repair ( possibly just cleaning) of its cooling fan.

I also need to get a new computer to transition and replace it. I know this.

So today I can log in to my 2nd computer which is the one I set up and connected to my client's network. I can do work for them at least.

I expect a new contract signed with a new client any day now, but as it is in negotiation and not yet signed this is less stressful than if already signed I suppose. Simply cause I will have to log into my work email elsewhere to see if anything came in ro work on for my clients;
and as it is MY contract I created and sent I am less concerned about having to go log into my own company email on say a library computer ( or another computer.) I don't mind doing that for this one thing (of new client agreement) but won't for actual work assigned to me of other's contracts. I kinda feel like logging in on a 3rd party computer may in fact be better than connecting my android phone to my work email to get work done. I just am hesitant to do work via phone.

Maybe silly....

But it's my comfort zone. I mean writing ✍️ on this diary by phone is fine;

but I do not want to complete work for others via my phone. I want to be more mindful of security of other's stuff!

I have been working every day between the two part time low wage jobs and you know it adds up. Even with the $120 spent ( or so..thus far) on Lyft's home from work on days I took the bus into town or weekends , it's still an economic gain overall. The bus does not run after 8pm and the shift ends at 9 so that is the only way home EXCEPT on days I have biked in.

Yes I have biked in. However as it's a 10 mile ride there and back I am not in shape yet to do that two days in a row. I bought a good bike light and honestly got used to riding at night 🌙 🌃 the past couple weeks.

Necessity a motivator for growth.
Years ago I would bike in and catch a ride home then take the bus back the next AM and bike home. But that was in the job where two other neighbors on the street I live worked ( one recruited me) and there is a staff who volunteered to give me a ride anytime as she got off shift and drove to WV and was so kind! That gal still works there with us at that job! ( CNA) She is amazing

The new job is just a much bigger place. Different social network.

I reassured an article by a bike rider on why he loves night riding and it got me over thinking there was ant reason to avoid it. Seriously there are folks getting rated or assaulted at times by rando strangers on any isolated park trails But they are typically walking or running and not moving quickly on a bike. I am riding pretty fast.

The only problem is carrying my backpack 🎒 full of things. I try to minimize the load but the padded pack to include the laptop when I do need to bring it makes it a bit heavy and uncomfortable.

I don't like where the weight falls on my lower back. Honestly it's like it's just a tad too big for me and I would prefer it sitting just a bit higher but that is not possible.

Overall feeling good however. My body got used to riding pretty quickly. I had the procedure successfully done in the hospital last Thu afternoon and took the bus into work Fri at 7am. Sat caught the Lyft for one more day of rest and recovery ( my job is rest for goodness sake. I mean I am sitting reading and watching Netflix. Took this 2nd job really thinking my kid - either of them, would have liked the opportunity. Honestly even if take bus one way and pay $20,for a Lyft home truth is it is still a gain to get paid to sit and greet and answer phones with long stretches of reading and Netflix binges! But on Sunday I rested 😌 in morning just sleeping in , skipped live church and warched on line , enjoyed cleaning my backyard which needed weeding of the garden and mowing. That makes me happy to tend to the garden and yard. The perennials are growing nicely! I then took Bellatrix for a walk and stopped at the local grocery store to but flowers for my yard. I found a lovely New Zealand Impatient plant but unfortunately in my impatience as transplanting from the three pronged hanging basjet to my planter on the ground I snapped the main stem ! Lopped off the whole beautiful growth of flowers!! So my Mother's Day flowers bought for myself are now in small cuttings all over windowsills tucked into jars and various glass containers filled with water, mostly currently wilting. The main roots were teased a bit and transplanted in the pot outside where I hope the plant grows this season.

Oh well

The beauty of that plant I spent $14.99 on was enjoyed nonetheless.

It did give my pleasure in the act of picking it out , the finding of it as it as the variety and color of that did really well as a border in my front yard last year- a bold fuscia. I like the waxy texture of its leaves with a bit of variegated pink in them. I enjoyed the process and the hope and expectation of planting it and now it offers hope for more plants 🪴 than first envisioned. Maybe enough for the border if the cuttings root? ( Though not sure how long the growth cycle if Summer would be over before maturation). I know impatiens like cold will see.

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