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2023-05-16 - 6:17 p.m.

Yeah nothing wrong with my laptop fan but for needing cleaning.
I pick it up tomorrow.

I am sure my 20 yr old could have capably done this job for me but for the fact:

The kid was asleep when I was ready to hire someone ( you snooze you lose 4 real peeps) and

Honestly I did not have time to wait and see AND
Since their room not exactly a clean space I felt like this is not the laptop to entrust to my kid for their learning to happen on. If personal rather than work would have asked my kid to try to fix the issue.
I needed it fixed ASAP with less risk! The last laptop they took apart never closes correctly and some screws got lost.

Instead of scheduling my Lyft ahead of time for 9pm pick up tonight I am intentionally waiting to discover if I get a better price point using the WAIT and Save option.

This is a gamble. It will only work if actual competition for rides out there tonight. I risk the price going up when need a ride right away. Hmm...

But I noticed the price paid for my first couple rides was about $3 to $5 cheaper. Kinda feel bummed tgat if catching a ride regularly the price each time creeps up a bit more. Curious to see what happens.

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