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2023-05-18 - 3:52 p.m.

Took a while but I finally landed a decent cheap hotel right at the airport for the night I arrive with family in Orlando.

The Priceline app was showing all the fancy resorts first.
We are flying with the discount flights; which of course mean either earliest flight of the day OR the last flight of the day!

That is what I typically book using airline points. Heck it is my budget,
"Beggers can't be choosers" and all that....

I am not that picky.

I honestly have never had an issue with those Southwest flights. EVER

DELTA was the one that cancelled a flight on my hiking group once.

They were a nightmare to fly with I thought.
No reparations- something like a $15 or $20 snack voucher which does not go far at an airport. It was laughable.

No hotel to put up up into even though we were re-booked for the next AM. We spent HOURS at night in the airport is my recollection. It was rather awful.

found a decent cheap hotel- $130 for the one night in Orlando
AND then a decent whole home for rent in my Dad's town; for the remainder of the week visit.

As he did say it would be too much to have my whole crew decend on him and stay with him and my bro.

They are not up for the large number of folks. One or two guests sure... but not me and the four kids of mine I am bringing.

My Dad sent some money to help with travel expenses which I took as the hint he did not want us to all descend on him!

He does have a guest room and two pull out couches- so four fit comfortably but that is four who are non intrusive.
I feel like the last time we came my sleeping teens WERE intrusive. Simply as they kept sleeping. They did not have the common courtosue as gyests to get up early along with everyone else and pack their stuff awy so the living areas, the shared spaces were not looking like a bedroom for the DAYTIME when the rest of us were up and about and wanted to hang and visit. They really were I thought RUDE and INTRSUSIVE and kinda awful guests.

Of course that was years ago when they were younger teens. I would like to think THIS TIME YEARS LATER they would have matured and not been so rude.

However I won't find out I suppose since we are not staying there. And if they have not grown up enough to understand the courotsue of beinga guest
that you pretty much follow the nroms of the family you stay with-

well there will be no conflict

as if they don't get up to participate they can just sleep in at the hotel and I will take off to enjoy each day.
They can come

I just hope I have not paid for a place for them to crash and NOT be active and involved !! I hope they do particpate and don't fly all the way there to sleep all day!

I mean it is possible that will happen with one...

The one who did sleep in and would not get up for the graduation of sibling, but did wake to join us for lunch afterwards.

It is what it is.
I mean POTS does not disappear when one travels on vacation.

It is a real thing.

That was clear to me when we visited Fl when that teen was in high school. I mean it did on the one hand come across as rude but on the other hand it was also so obvious the kid was not able to function differently AT THAT TIME.

They were at that point a severely chronically ill kid
who could not do differently.

They are truthfully MUCH BETTER NOW

Even if sleep alot- it is not quite the same as how bad it was back then.

SO... It will be a nice visit. Even if the two have to sleep alot and I have to go back and forth or have them take a lyft to come join us all wherever when they can.

It will be nice to have what time we do all have together as I am sure there will be plenty of that.

And my Dad will be happy to be able to have his quiet house to rest in when we all leave each day!
I am looking forward to it.

I did just book the Air bnb the whole time in the town my Dad lives in.

Just occurred to me I likely should have thought about some time in the town where my bro lives too. He has a house on the water in a nice area near Kennedy Center as he used to work out there at the Space Center, at NASA actually. . I kinda forgot about that... shoot...
I was thinking of time with Dad.

Ah whatever....

maybe will just drive there for a day trip. That house is the best. I kinda forgot about the fact my one bro is living there and would like to spend time there too. Shoot... maybe I should got the airnbn less nights.... whatever.... have a place for the whole week and that is OK.

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