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2023-05-19 - 1:59 p.m.

A body in motion stays in motion
A body at rest stays in rest

I swear there is no law more true than this.

I slept in and awoke late; then logged in and did just a LITTLE bit of work for a client- I mean it was 2 hrs and 40 minutes ( with one break during which I ate a bowl of cereal and then did the dishes. Mainly cause I could not even wash my one bowl unless I put away the clean ones in the rack and then washed the rest too.. I mean there was no room in the sink- I just can't stand to leave dishes but DID last night, They were mine from cooking the night before and then last night from eating leftovers. I thought someone else might do them but of course not.)

I leave them on occassion based on feedback that if I did not do them all the time someone else would.

(That is a BS excuse and know it- but just in case I leave them once in a blue moon for the opportunity to be there for others to help! I would hate to rob it of them.. HA HA)

It is 2pm. I should NOT feel like taking a nap!

I mean I was physically NOT Active today! I slept in

I swear the more I rest; the more TIRED my body is.

Today is the day of the body at rest ( so far).

OK just a little nap.. I swear carbs do this to me too. Granola really doesn't energize me...

Little nap; then dog walk. I did not even walk her this AM like usual! I let her out in the yard but she TOO was sleeping much.
Just a lazy day.

THEN after the dog walk I will bike to work as it is a nice day and I think my legs got the rest and healing they needed. I rode on Sunday and on Wed they hurt still! Read about it and that is normal after longer rides when have not done them in a while. Its 10 miles there and 10 back when I bike commute so not surprising that at this point my legs are in the phase of actually have been worked hard; some torn muscle (that actually happens!) and then the healing that happens.

Crazy that is what exercise is. Beating the hell out of your muscles to break them down and then build them back up essentially.


After a few more weeks of regularlly riding I think the recovery time will lessen. They have not hurt the day of rides at all. Just after walking days later. It is the walking that becomes painful after on feet doing alot walking around town.

So I got some work done. Tomorrow I will pull the records from the car service history. I am so afraid I threw some of the older ones out. Cause months ago I had not any acknowledgement of the extended warranty on the engine. I did not KNOW about that. I am afraid I might have tossed some of that paperwork when cleaning out my filing cabinet. I hope not. BUT I think I recalled thinking the document they wanted me to sign saying I take all risk of continued driving of my car was such BS and it was annoying me and I thought I had no use for it anymore.
That was Parson's Kia in Winchester VA
who were telling me
"NO, no warranty"
and pushing me for the trade in value to get into a new car. The only thing they would do was give me blue book value if I upgraded (Which would have also meant a car payment )
I did not want to take on a new loan and a new car payment. I was almost paid off in full.

I was determined to own the car and fix the damn thing as minimally as possible to still run ( even if no faster than 60 mph) rather than buy a new one at three times the cost of fixing it if it can be fixed and bare minimum functional.

I hope I saved that doc but think I tossed that one!
Cause I know under the law it is IMPOSSIBLE to shift responsibility of a manufacturer's defect to a consumer.

Sorry it does not work that way.

What I signed was BS
and I knew it

so I think I tossed it

BUT if I had it now it might be helpful to actually show to the Kia lady at HQ who wants EVIDENCE of the known issue BEFORE 150K

OK this is waking me up thinking of this
BUT no I am going to rest
Feel like body needs more rest for just a bit and I can pull all the paperwork I have an organized it over the weekend and email them to the HQ lady on Monday.

I did not get a call back from my msg to my mechanic asking if THEY kept records.

I will call them Mon too.

This weekend I will focus on my housecleaning and getting to work for the next three days.
So a quick nap then up and at em for the ride and 2nd shift. Oh will check weather.
If rain in forcast can take the bus and lyft home tonight and ride tomorrow... will figure it out. Maybe... if too tired and not motivated to move fast enough I could always hop the bus and ride tomorrow. BUT it would be good to ride today; rest tomorrow and then ride again on Sunday. That regular riding would be helpful I think in my legs getting used to it. Trying to get motivated by writing out the plan. That helps sometimes.

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