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2023-05-22 - 8:22 p.m.

What the heck, I just threw my resume in for the full time local job too. I mean a receptionist in walking distance.
Why not?
I am sure it is a busy office.
But what the heck. I need to increase income and a job I can walk to is super practical. Just in case the consulting is really only a few hours here and there for the new client. I would be able to STILL do both

Not optimal but a full time job close to home that has full benefits is not a bad idea at all.

I had applied for an office manager role for an Electrician and would have been happy if they had called me months back but they never did.
I figure a local job can walk to is a very good idea.

Heck it might be great timing.
I mean- just in case the feds don't get their shit together and there are any shut downs; furloughs and payments held for any period of time. A decent local full time role that has steady work and benefits not a bad idea.

The funny thing is that it is at a medical practice that is used by the residents of the Assisted Living so know it well. HA HA

I just figure be open to possibilities and don't rule anything out.

Besides; if a place is really short and has been trouble finding anyone, even if I only work there for a little while it may be helpful to both them AND me. I could do it and stop if the work with my clients picks up and it is impeding my ability to get it done.
Honestly if I had to work late on work for my clients I would.
I have scaled back volunteer work.
I have the time. I just figure it would be a shame if I did not jump at that ( as how often is there a full time role like that in a few blocks walk?) and then the new consulting is only literally a couple hrs a week. I would be kicking myself. I am going to be sure to be available for their morning huddles if they want me to. I know the company culture I know the one I am bringing on has a leadership AM huddle. But the thing is I also know they have a full time contracts manager- and that she is not the one hiring me. It is someone else. SO I get a sense that if they like my work that part time COULD turn into full time. BUT I don't want to put all my hopes on something that is just an idea. I mean I get this IDEA and it is so instinct and not substantiated. Its like if that place wanted to hire ME full time I would be so thrillled! I mean honestly the portfolio of the clients I have INCLUDING them is just ideal BUT I still need to kick up income for my family. So I can't NOT consider a full time job in walking distance. OH and the local in walking distance job pays MORE, significantly per hr I think- than the evening role. I mean I am guessing I can get hired at 1/3 more per hour than what I took. Basically at what I asked for at the Assisted Living that they said NO to. I expected them to pay me more to be honest even though it was only part time knowing that they did not have the help they need. Hell if I could convince my kid to take that job over for me that would be great. Either of my kids... HA HA It is seriously so low key and all you do is answer phones and say hi to folks coming in who sign in when working the evening shift! And watch Netflix. I have burned through the first four seasons of Friday Night Lights in the past couple months. ( or month? IDK) OK I guess its time for me to stop rambling and watch my show and/or read. Reading a number of really good things! Maybe write a bit too.

OH so got my to do almost done.

Transportation arranged for post op appt. CHECK Walked to the Post office and mailed gift CHECK Went to library to email docs to KIA- FAIL ALMOST... but I got there and organized them all to find the ONE critial one- the one showing the Cat Convertor replacement was MISSING from my paperwork. ( It is likely in the glove compartment of the Kia itself ! HA I had some records therein. Thought I pulled them all out.) At least I did reach my mechanic;s office manager on the phone and she was amazingly helpful- she emailed ALL my car maintenance and repair records to me! So TOMORROW I will finally get that task done of organizing and emailing those docs ALONG WITH The ones that I have from the dealer(s) as well which I think show the story clear enough of the crappy engine problems PRIOR to the 150K. Almost done with that final task!

I got home from the walk and had to give the dog a bath. She had one of those emergency messes so NO choice and that took my evening up. It was a prime motivator in treating myself to a Greek Salad from the greek Deli. I just new Bellatrix was not allowed in the house til I took care of her and I was hungry for a salad and that meant I just was not up for doing dishes and preparing food and all the time it would take. I just stopped and enjoyed the treat of picking up the food. I grabbed a Sampler platter with some marinated meat (Chicken and that lamb stuff- think slouvlaki)

Had a nice chat with the owner. Saw the Hiring sign. Asked him about that and found he needs help 11-3 part time. He said he is looking to hire someone to then grow into an assistant manager role. He has 4 or 5 teens working the dinner shift

Talked long enough get a good sense of someone and what they need. I told him was asking as have two young adults graduated looking for something as not going off to college as hoped right away. Talked long enough to find out that he let go of a helper as they had been working there some time, doing alright, but came in one day and asked to be called by a new name as their gender identity was not that of their birth identity. So he gave his view on that. He said it just made his Greek wife very uncomfortable. Honestly this seems like a nice guy- just very old world. He was not hateful in the least just like

"I am running a family business. I want someone who works here to represent me, my family and be the face of who we are."

I apprechiated hearing him as he spoke of how that was not working for him and his wife- but most of all how he was honest with his discomfort and also seemed he did not fire the person; but he was refusing to use a name other than the one HIRED and on the paperwork- that he knew the person as and then the person quit. He said he talked to their parents and they were understanding his perspective. That was interesting to me- that he pulled the parents of the teen into the conversation. He of course thought he was helping this teen. The kid has a job at the grocery store- and was working there as well; so at least is still employed.

It was interesting how he was both not open but I also think not hateful. I mean for him it was this desire to live in alignment of his actual spiritual beliefs. So I think ther are those who are like that and that what they need is to be more educated as to how this is not some random choice of kids/teens. It is not popular to be trans. I read about the bizarre social contagion thory that somehow this is a weird societal trend ( and the studies debunking it. Apparently it was PARENTS of trans kids who participated in that so called "research" and no trans kids were actually involved!) Maybe if a backlash from the Brittany Spears oversexualization era? Trama from what happened to Taylor Swift? I mean please... all these theories are ridiculous....

I did not agree with his view but the thing is that business owner is one who would serve anyone with graciousness. He is not like the ones who would disciminate. He was interesting as he said -

"I don't care what people want to be called when not here. But if working here and in my business everyone knows them as one name and identity come on don't switch and do that to my customers."

He said "heck I can be friends with someone, and would go have a beer and call them whatever they want. Someone can have a beard down to here and want me to call him Mary- whatever... I have no issue- BUT when you are the face of my small family restaraunt. We are in a customer service business that is My FAMILy. You represent MY FAMILY and that is just not who we are."

Kind of interesting conversation.

This is the thing I wish. I wish there was not DISCRIMINATION and HATRED and FEAR

but that all could talk openly and respecfully about their perpective. Cause I kinda get his point as a small business owner. I don't see his perspective as hateful considering what they do BUT I think the dialogue is needed BUT I still think it was wrong of him to push out his employee from his restaraunt and feel like business owners like him CAN BE CONVINCED OTHERWISE if they have more exposure ( not less) to actual trans people. If he had for example not had the employee leave!

He said "Her parents talked to her and convinced her not to work here anymore"

IN other words he had her parents intervene and coerce her into not showing up anymore. Interesting to me as he likely KNEW it was against the law if he fired her!

SO I did say to the guy- OH sure it would be different if the kid came to work for you had already fully transitioned; This is why it is important to do that and also change name legally. Cause if the kid came to you with the mascaline name from the get go and presentation as male you would just know them for being who they are and you would never have known otherwise. There would the then have been no issue. I think that is much better, and easier cause no one else would even know and therefore it doesn't make people uncomfortable.

Not sure if he agreed with me when he said "Yeah, I guess so"

or just thought the better of sharing any differing view.

But it was interesting as he was thinking it seemed about that and it was almost like it occurred to him that possibility exists... and that yeah if he had not known a person before a change.... well he would have accepted them...

See this is why conversations are important. I could almost see him thinking...and imagined the thought process...

and how logically he was mulling that over.

I feel like once someone realizes that reality

That they could never know if someone had not told them

HELL then it is not a stretch to realize their family value argument is shot. I mean once that employee transitions no one would even recognize them as the same person that used to work there.

It would in no way impact their customers or their business.

It is so funny

Kids go back to school changed and no one would know who they had been prior often enough.

I feel like that thought process could be followed by him that the truth is ... his customers would not care nor thing less of him and his family had he kept the employee.

BUT there are some customers who actually will think less of him now. At least a few. There is my, and the guy fired and any of his friends.

I just wish that every employer who FIRED someone out of fear indeed has a reputation hit for firing a trans person or firing a family of a trans person.

I really wish there would be a social shift where the fear is of the death of your reputation if you discriminate.

So as I left he said "Hope to meet your kids. Tell them to stop by".

I did not bother to say NO

I am not going to "out" my kids; not that any of them would be walking in there anyway. We really do not eat out.

Rare I pick up food prepared to bring home.

I am not going to argue or be difficult or overtly try to change anyone's mind. I prefer to listen with respect to their perspective. I can respect the perspective he has in supporting the comfort of his wife as a priority. I can hear and understand and empathize with their discomfort. AND also then share an idea that might help one broaden their thought to be less uncomfortable around trans folks perhaps. I think that is more useful than trying to argue to convince someone.

FEAR is of the unknown. So make the trans persons known and not so scary. I did share I am more liberal as I have member of my family who are different.I used the work different and said when you have folks in your own family you love it is much easire to overcome discomfort as then there is not that unknown anymore-

I did say I understand this is new for many older generations; and it is a challenge. I just wish the younger generation had more gentleness and did not think everyone is being intentioanlly hateful AND that those who are in fact contibuting to the pain and suffering and actual deaths would wake up to the fact that even if not intentionally hateful they can do grave harm. But how they can not see it is actually hateful to exclude and deny medical care is absolutely beyond me. There is room for greater empathy and listening in conversations which I think will move the needle of progress hopefully!

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