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2023-05-23 - 3:40 p.m.

Oh one funny thing. Sorta

I kinda felt badly that at Christmas time the guy I was dating gave me two gifts. I was not thrilled by either
One was ok. I mean stockings. Practical. Thigh high black. I actually really like them. But it was the what I took as classic cis white man objectification of Asian Women marketing image on the packaging that was such a turn off.

I mean really....
( Did I ever mention Dr. Faucis' GF is Asian American, Japanese American actually...not that it has any significance...but I hate that kinda marketing)
I mean when crimes against Asian women were happening with increased frequency in recent just hit me poorly abd I did not know why other that it was CHRISTMAS. MY ACTUAL RELIGIOUS holiday so it hit me wrong in so many ways bit realized the marketing was one.

And the candle which was supposed to be romantic
Actuslly irritated me

I mean physically

As in awful reaction

I found tge scent repulsive

I hid it way under the sink wrapped to dull the scent that was so damn strong.

I was thinking there is no way I could ever tolerate lighting that abhorrent thing
As I smiled and was polite in my thank you.

I wondered if my reaction was emotionsl st sll. I mean the negative reaction and no don't think so. I was very happy he was here and really enjoyed his company. But tge funny thing is
In getting ready for work I saw it and pulled it out and read tge scent name

Tobacco & Vanilla


I mean really?

I get it scents evoke emotions. Maybe it elicits happy feelings from residual memories of someone's old pa or ma smoking. 🤔 for someone. 🎅 🤶

But not for me.
He tried.
I apprechiated the effort but just think it funny he brought be a tobacco scented candle. I really am allergic to tobacco 4 sure and apparently whatever they used to scent it.

Hilarious 😂
Need to drop that off at the next thrift store run.

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