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2023-05-23 - 7:45 a.m.

Uh oh
I dropped $90 on a beach camping site back when also booked the trip to FL.

Thought it was a good idea to just get it done
cause looked at the reservation site and honestly there were barely any open sites at all.

They book early.

So figured good idea to plan ahead.

Good thing I received an email saying "Get ready for your trip!" which it said was "Soon" and even though I laughed as it is months away-

then was glad I read the details of.

Read this: "Bayside campsites are known for high concentrations of biting insects anytime from April through October. Camping on the bayside during the summer months is not recommended."

OOPS I booked a bayside campsite.
Its pretty much at a park in the middle of nowhere.

BUT then I also just read the bayside are backcountry campsites. HA HA HA

I think I booked a site you have to either HIKE or CANOE to.

Not the family camping I was aiming for.. HA HA HA

I mean I picked this particular spot cause an actual disabled person with EDS posted how that beach was terriffc with accessibilty for disabled!

I chose a place I knew had good reviews and also thinking the kids might want to come and it would not be too much exerction or exercise that they could handle it and it would not wipe them out.

So that kinda made me laugh as I think I just did not read carefully or think through obviously when quickly booked like the only sites that were left.

AND I ALSO did that thing I do on occassion.
I want to get away for a few nights.

BUT They did not have one site for more than one night. REALLY

So I booked three separate ones. Have to move the tent and gear from one to the other.
YEAH This is what we have done before.
The last time we went family camping it was for a few nights in one spot then a night in another. That was years ago but I can visualize the kids all carrying a fully assembled tent down the dirt road from one site to the other. They figured out the sites were close enough and it was more efficient to do that. With four of them it worked. LOL

I just remember how funny that was.

Some of them laugh about it now. It is funny in hindsight- but I think they would be annoyed if know AHEAD of time we would have to do that again. That was at a park I really liked on a lake just a couple hours ( or less) from home. Others did not enjoy camping and did not even want to go and my one kid dug in heels and tried to refuse at the time! There was no option as the kid was too young to leave home alone. (This is the autistic person who hates the sand everywhere after the trip! More sensitivites than most when have autism for tactile and noise and sun etc... then on top of that body being allergic to everything with MCAS which long before diagnosis this kid was living with and in hindsight I can undertand why the kid in middle school started to want some AUTONOMY Over their own body and started to dig in heels to refuse to go places that put them in actual discomfort and pain. I mean it is far different from most folks just being a bit uncomfortable with the chronic illnesses.... EDS etc... that cause major inflammation. I mean I feel how my muscles ache after a couple days of riding in the break down stage and can only imagine what it would be like if the body was STUCK in that phase not just for a day or until I get up and stretch and move again- but if getting up and stretching did not make it better but MORE painful. I had those leg pains from walking that hurt unlike that kind of pain so get a bit of a sense. I mean the pain was sharper than I experienced and now taking Vitamin B12 and those are not happening so that contributed for sure- lack of Vit B12)

We did some beach camping once before and it was really nice.

When we went it was end of summer if I recall correctly and we did not have much trouble with insects. We kinda lucked out if I recall. It was a stop in South Carolina for one night only at a place called Huntington State Park near Outerbanks area. Fantastic stop.

The site was not that far from the car- one short walk on a path.

Pretty accessible.

So I think my first step should be, since this was a plan in hope the family would want to come and enjoy a few days at the beach again-

TRY To see if I can find an actual accessible site! See if they let you switch the site?

Not sure if they do let you do that- switch a reservation or change it other than if cancel and rebook.

Going to look into it. As otherwise this would be a FANTASTIC ADVENTURE for ME.

But my kids? OH heck
I can't even imagine either of the ones living with me would consider it; and I imagine the gal living away on own might be up for it and want to do this- but not sure she would be up for it. She did love doing environmental work on a beach area for Environmental studies class. She has a minor in Environmental Science and I think would love it -
but again, only if her body does not rebel and the hike or canoeing in is not too much.

Honestly if only way in is hike or canoe- renting a canoe would be the way to go when have chronic illness. I think less strenuous overall.

Sitting rather than upright

Heck if the could canoe- I could do the work for most part; they can take turns rowing...
I can do the set up when get there.

Maybe it could work....

and hella prepared with bug spray etc.

Going to look into all possibilities.

Two of the sites, while different- are really close to each other. We have one site one night and then the next have to move to a site next to it! So silly-

It was just what was open!

The third night it is a different loop. Meaning an adventure just to find it. We could of course just go the two nights and ditch the third if no one is enjoying it and the work is too much. Could go and wait and see how it works out.

For the $30 a night that is worth it. Just to have the option- but could ditch night three.

I think that may be the way to go. Just plan well and be prepared for the adventure and see who wants to try it.

The thing is- if I have good preparation it may be just fine and work out well.

We did finally make it to a beach last year, along with one of my friends. My friend I walked with all through COVID has in fact wanted to go visit this particular beach and I talked to her about this - she might be in on coming on this trip. My kid like her and have hung with her a few times. I swear she is my only friend they actually said they LIKED when met her.

If she comes it honestly changes the dynamic as I think they enjoy talking with her and vice versa. She thinks they are impressive, nice, smart wonderful people. (Which they are of course! HA HA). They love her hommade bread ( like Naan) which she made and brought to the beach that day after knowing how apprechiated it was when we ate at her home.

She genuinely enjoyed their company.
If she is up for it with no conflicts with work and her hubby and her travel she may come ( she LOVES to travel since her retirement of the full time role, visiting old friends. She recently made it back to her home country of origin, She emingrated here as a teen but her youth was in East Asia, Mongolia.)She also is the one who had the secret whole second career as a physical therapy assistant at a hospital for YEARS while working using her computer science degree for Fannie Mae for years in business operations. We bonded when I worked there over our secret health care jobs! It was so funny how there is this literal sense of classism. I mean so palable. Like if working a lower wage service job some white collar workers would think less of you. But we both sensed that and were not wrong about it! She observed she did not let anyone else know of her 2nd job wheras once I did she saw the perspective of how I was seen shift by some. It was wild to observe this.
People are so limited in their views.
Yet she and I both agreed our part time jobs were WAY MORE FUN
and we both enjoyed them more quite honestly.

I forget if I told her the dates but will have to call and chat and be sure she knows them;

AND on the to do list. BUY A SCREENED TENT or BORROW ONE. I will check with friend Fauci. ( Still a great psudoname! HA HA I think and talk to him less now; just like Fauci himesle has become less important. Ha Ha ,,,, not that my friend is less important. Just that he is more focused; more committed; and less insecure about his relationship! I was happy to have met his girlfriend finally. I just happened to be walking Bellatrix one Sunday afternoon and he and she were out walking the dogs that now live with him- his son and DIL's dogs as they are staying with him for about a year.) They are doing very well. Glad he got his shit together ( sorta) He just is freaking insecure and needs constant validation and struggles with his ego I think more than anything. Cause I swear when we went to fly kites in the Spring, even as recent as that he was talking of how some guy at church asked if he was single and he said "yes" ( The asshole move of cis white men that if not married one is single) and the guy asked if he could set him up with a nice lady from church and doofus said "yes"
and then justified why
and I told him he was just an idiot

I mean something like that.

I did judge him cause said something like "come on now... you know better than to play and create complications unnecessarily"

and its all cause he wants sex MORE than his girlfriend's interest and his hyperactive libido is not satisfied

I basically said he has to make a choice of what is priority and if that is priority he better talk to his girl about opening the relationship and not cheat on her. OR if he knows she is not open to that suck it up and be a man and deal with the sacrifice and let go of his freaking ego.

I swear it is just ego.

I mean cause sex is appetite. If someoen loves and is even addcted to coffee they can get over the headache if they really know it is not good for them in other ways and want to priotixe health ( I mean other addictive substances not so easy to kick,,, yeah mad hard.... Maybe sex for him is as addictive.... IDK He relys on the dopamine hit for his valideation for sure...)
BUT I think he has gotten to the point where he figured out time with FRIENDS be it his guy Bible buddies (yeah they read the Bible and pray for 15 min then shoot the shit. I swear reminds me of the women's quilting bees in a way which were not really about quilting....etc...). We enjoyed flying the kites he has in the Spring on a windy day, and a dog walk. Its been a few months- so due for a chat and catch up soon. They are traveling a lot this summer both separetely ( she is going to see family in Japan and did not want him to come as they are not married.. AH That is why he said YES I am sure to the set up idea! Cause he was hurt she is not going to bring him when she sees her old aunts. She said it would not be acceptable culturally and does not want to make anyone uncomfortable. ) BUT He had been offered a trip to Scotland and he said YES To this whole big family Clan gathering. I mean a big thing in Scotland for those from one family lineage- they don't even have to know each otehr anymore to get invites as so many did DNA testing etc. So his sister bought the trip but could not go and he is taking the spot and lo and behold bringing his girlfriend with him. She made arrangements and her whole family is going with him. ( She also has the money and contributed for their tix. He shared that with me.) He also has some vacation lake house that he has use of and she makes arrangements for so they can do a family trip with all her kids for a weekend in upcoming months. He was just disappointed as last year she arranged that but also with one of her besties and her bestie's kids- so he did not get any alone time. . So I am sure they will have nice summer and his disenchantment and need for attention will pass- and hope he doesn't do anything stupid and impulsive and dishonorable that fucks up his relationship. I mean come on now... don't be a cheater your whole life. Grow up at some point.

Oh I can perhaps hit him up to borrow his TV and catch up on the show my son is on! He does have cable...
he said I could do that. There is an idea. He is proud he had his home rennovated and redecorated and it is really nice! He aspires to have neighbors and friends come hang with him. That is his goal, to host more- so he said.

I think he remembers the home he grew up in , in VT, where there were often friend and family just stopping in and he misses that. I think he is actually happy his adult son and DIL moved in with their dogs! No complains from him ( They are in their early 30s I think.... temporary to get ahead or not financially fall behind during a rough patch).
He loves his kids and is proud of them all. Love hearing about them so it was fun to meet the one son that moved in ever so briefly. (Thank God it is not the one, who is older- late 30s who was bestie growing up with my now occassional lover. That son thankfully lives out West! WHEW That would just feel awkaward to me and and I swear if met him I just might have a hard time keeping a poker face. Its a small town after all...)

OK for my day today:
Georgous outside!
TO DO: a bit of work. Finished the work for free for the local builder who sent me a couple more docs to review. I need to send my consulting agreement and ask if they want to hire me. ( I really did use the 5 hrs they paid for already!)
She had verbally told me to bill beyond that-but just to codify it! ( HA HA They are the ones who have been doing business via handshake. I just don't want to randomy send invoice and have any lack of clarity and while happy to have dontated the 5 hrs, nah I am not up for working for free further.).

It was fun to do the research and learn about what needs to be in contruction contracts.

I think I am going to pull out my YOGA DVD cause I need to stretch. That would be good- after the bike riding ( two days after the long ride; sometimes three legs will hurt. Stretching helps.)

and Email KIA. Meaning walk to the library again and this time get it done now that I have all I need to send them.
I have to go to the library as the docs sent via email do not include the hand written notes from the technician. They are just the PDF records the shop kept of the bills. The physical documents I have show the pulled codes which are the evidence of the problem prior to 150K!

So a nice day for a walk again.

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