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2023-05-23 - 12:18 p.m.

Live and learn

It is not really all that hard apparently to replace worn cartridges that cause leaky faucets.
You just have to know what part to look for.

Replacement cartridge is a start. I am tyring to figure this out and am ordering what looks to be the right one for my leaking tub faucet.

Perhaps will save some money and can do that repair myself this time around.

I am still disappointed I had the plumber come and paid him for repair a few years back who straight up lied that the nice Moen Faucet was broken and could not be repaired and I naively and stupidly was trusting.

Its that stupid absolute trust when anyone tells me something at first that I wish I could get rid of.

I mean seriously

I am like the most trusting person in the world.

So fall for all sorts of BS - at first- for a few minutes...

but its kinda the same trait of taking the GPS directions and face value; or the quick google then trusting I found the site need-

and not cross checking the details. COMBO of ADHD Brain and absolute trust and believe in what I am told by people

Suppose a blessing in some ways- like when the bullies in High School bullied me and I had no clue. I mean I never caught on that they had INTENTIONALLY Been lying to think it funny to then watch me follow their directions blindly to get myself in trouble.

Mean Girls

I should see that show one day as sure it would make me laugh in hindsight.

I just knew I did not fit in but had no clue why; and was relatively clueless until much later and pieced together with realization all those moments of being had.

Not sure why anyone ever find such funny or empowering.

It is just sad. I mean makes me sad for them; that someone feels so low themself that somehow has to put down others for a laugh to make themself feel better somehow. I figure somehow those girls were really the ones having a harder time underneath their laughter somehow. They were certainly not happy I think.
Bullying never comes from a place of joy; thats for sure.

I was in my own world; in my zone; in my own head with gerneally happy thoughts. That is somethign I can be thankful for. This is I think why I don't understand this trwitter threads that seem so popular of those develiping self awareness of thier own nurodiversity but with a chip on their shoulder of bitterness and anger at the abusers.

I mean sure those who bully and abuser are doing hurtful things. But it seems the more destructive behaviors are self destructive ones. I think those bullies hurt themselves in the end more than they did me. I mean they might have been laughing but that to me was masking some deep, deep sadness and I am sure at the core they had to have SOME feeling of shame at having put down another. I mean how can you not recognize that is not a good thing and not something to be proud of? Their reputations were set by those moments. I am sure that it did not help them.

OK back to faucet shopping. I was trying to get a bit more done before our walk today. I feel like the faucet should match the sink fixture... that is the impediment to full replacement. I should wait and do them BOTH at once and get nice ones! I think I will just try to get the part and fix what I have for now.

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