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2023-05-26 - 1:59 a.m.

This may make sense.

As I bike for my own ability to get to work to my part time jobs, that is not work with my company UNLESS there are days I am intentionally bringing work with me to get done. I mean if I had work that I had to get done and have to drive to an office to get it done-
or just happen to have to drive to a part time job committement to get it done BUT KNOW I am going to be working on work for my COMPANY at that time-
only then would I be able to justify using a company car to drive to the other part time normally unrealted work.

Seriously- a company car would not be justifiable but for when it is used for actual company business.
(Although in practice I am rather sure real estate agents; etc; other small business owners justify this as the car being part of their BRANDING- which is why they buy NICE CARs; and justify that they are ALWAYS doing business development. HA HONESTLY that is justifiable if you are driving a car to IMPRESS clientel. That is the crazy thing.)

SO my brand is: Don't overpay for the same quality services!

HA HA I am the low budget brand.

Maybe it is a perfect fit in branding to be driving an old Toyota Corolla. Solid car with good track record , reliable and dependable. No Frills.

Maybe I can justify that? HA HA As a marketing tool? (Ok maybe a stretch there....BUT if I carry my business cards with me? HA I could perhaps justify it to the part time jobs where I have talked with folks; meet folks; HA HA Even met someone directly in my Professional FIELD in the area who's parents live at the Assisted Living. Hell running into him did motivate me to get my butt in gear with the professional org. Mainly cause no one else on that professional org really are very motivated so its easy to forget about them until the monthly meeting- I think that is why there is NO MOMENTUM in that group....and he made polite conversation asking about the group.
Reminded me "Oh yeah, I have to get a newsletter out" and honestly got it done one night right then after his inquiry while at the part time job one weekend. It was a slow Sat night. I was able to work on it
Problem is that I think everyone invoved in that professional org just thinks of it like an afterthought- the OH YEAH- this is on my calendar and shows up at the monthly meeting- but then as there is nothing going on its easy to not be engaged. None of those involved have been CONTENT CREATORS of programming.

I have not been focused on PLANNING events but MARKETING them thinking the rest would do the planning. They only planned two things: One was the idea I had and pitched and then they did make it happen; and the other was the Christmas Party

Its just disappointing to me. I did not have energy or time to try to plan events too but think at this point WANT TO. I didn't want to before

I had a trainging planned in my head. HA I swear one day will just do that. Heck if I get even a couple people from MY TARGET audience it would improve efficiency of some processess in one particular sector I support. ( Basically I have a few pet peeves and really do want to address them and try to be an influencer to help folks think DIFFERENTLY Than that have about some things in the past.... I know being cryptic but I don't REALLY Talk SHOP here just hint at it.)

So I reached out to try to set up something for end of summer to one good speaker I think we could all learn from and be excited to get tips from. The thing is I envisioned setting up a whole series of speakers/trainings/get momentum going. Pull some folks with actual repuations and clout and get them engaged which would help make our org more vibant with members wanting to show up, and growth AND THEN after there is engagement is when I wanted to slip in a training on the thing I am expert in. I kinda wanted to be SANDWICHED in the midst of a series. I think at this point unless I hustle and get others I may just be bold and start doing the trainings MYSELF. Heck I know I could. Cause we have to start somewhere and if can't find anyone else may as well confidently do it myself rather than play small and hope to do the work of teaching without that attention to self.

I mean really I have this part of me that is actually NOT WANTING attention. I feel like I get it without seeking it just by being passionate or rather impassioned about certain issues that compel me to speak up.

I mean that is more than enough attention thank you-
I want the attention on the ISSUES at hand; not me.

That is the actual truth. Some Love limelight. I tolerate it.

I have a couple others in mind to try to recruit to be involved in this org and want to get the ball rolling. SO SURE A CAR would help. I mean to just be able to make calls and plan to meet folks for lunch to catch up and then chat about that too.
My goal really is to get this professional org to be really engaged and relevant and vibarnt org offering professional learning opportunities IN PERSON OUT HERE WHERE I LIVE
in the part of the state where tons of folks actually LIVE that work in the field.

I don't want us to all have to treck into the city for professional development opportunites. There is a huge market out here.

It is not tapped into yet.

I was thinking about that org and know I need a car to try to kick it up with that org being more active and relevant and vibrant. I need to do some BD for that org as well as my own company.(And the work with that org can be supported as pro bono giving back as the whole point is really to help mentor NEWER professionals doing what I do. I have been itching to do this for a very specific agenda to. I really hate busy work of stupid things done that have NO ADDED VALUE and honestly in my field there is this freaking TRADITION I will call it of dumb paper pushing for this one thing that astounds me everyone does that is completely and utterly useless. I mean for real... like a whole sector has these old archaic traditions that have no substantial value to them.

I wanted to do a regulartory requirement training for years. BUT I also envisioned publishing an article first- heck I had the thing drafted; and had the submission deadline on my desk and somehow I recall going to get to work in wrapping that up and pulled out the info from the professional publicaiton and realized I JUST MISSED The deadline. Then I tabled it- thought NEXT YEAR
and it has sat on the back burner.
The thing is there is some STUPID thing everyone somehow BELiEVED the MYTH They must do- and everyone does it but it has ZERO added value; that folks don't even understand- and that creates an even bigger problem- and integrity issue- SO I really want to do a regulatory training to help folks understand this particular area.
The problem it that it is likely not a popular thing- to tell people not to do busy work ( HA HA)
I have made a SHIFT in how this is thought of in certain spaces/ places of employment

and helped push progress forward... but I want to reach more-

AI scares folks as it is, so they don't like being told something they all spend time on is WORTHLESS and should just be scrapped.
( I think it silly to be afraid of AI- seriously AI can never take the place of actual human knoweldge. It can streamline certain things that don't need to be busy work so I am ALL FOR IT in certain respects in my field-
OK enough of that... as don't want to go into particulars on that topic.)

BUT to date-
I do have one client I need to go visit (and sure I can hustle and get there) BUT there are other reasons to justify having a company car.

I am looking at a used 2008

The thing is if my company buys a car it won't have cash in reserve. SO if business gets slow over summer as it often does it will be risky-
I mean the company won't have a few months of PAYROLL ( for the one employee HA HA)

I am looking at having earned and saved a bit so that I can get paid over time-

So I don't want to go spending money yet unless the business operation expense is necessary or will result in bringing in more revenue.

BUT also think a car is an investmetn for my company considering I don't have a personal car. I mean I don't want to LOSE business opportunies if I don't have transportaiton.
SO its pretty important.
Could always rent- there's that. Truth is I COULD just rent a car when needed. Heck that is in fact at times a BETTER PLAN- rent the NICER CAR that is not the low budget image! Rent the BMW for the business meeting.

I WOULD take on a client that wants me on site. SURE. I have no issue with that. Have carved out the part time work intentionally at night- so that I can do that if needed. Can rent a car for when needed.

I am looking at cash upfront. Not a car loan, hell no. USED for an old car that runs decent and has been maintained but of course will have risk of needed repair too.

But maintenance would all be a tax write off. It make fiscal sense for any use of car for business to be deducted and not taxable income; but a deduction.

I found a decent car looking at. Old Toyota.

That is the catalyst of the thought process and considertion here. Truth be told is I don't have the cash upfront MYSELF even for a car that is only a few thousand dollars.

AND the Company DOES have that. But just that. It was fiscally sound to be trying to save up a few months salary and paying self the same each month. I have set a salary and I know it is just exactly what I need but also wise to start saving capital in my business. In fact my vision is that I do land work not only for me but also another employee or two (or a few).

My next business step is to invest some hours each week seriously scubbing those RFPs. Cause I have TWO great people looking for work who in the past two weeks told me they would work for me if I find somethign for them.

I pitched only one company...did not hear back; ( was trying to land a sub role for them on someone else's prime contract. They are both capable and great persons of integrity I would be proud to hire.)
I honestly envision this as possibility
BUT I am not going to bring anyone on UNTIL I KNOW I CAN MAKE THEIR PAYROLL For about three months.

That is my vision. I need to look at how much that would be and save that much in my business. AS unless or until I have enough business that is steady and stable and DIVERSIFIED, honestly, I am not going to seek capital tools of a credit line for my business. MANY businessess DO look for acesss to capital as they grow, or borrowed money to support thier growth- investors etc. I am not planning on relying on that if I stay in a budget and plan well.


Just like one would not have stock portfolio all in one sector.
I have four clients now- and none in the same sector by design.

Its a start.
Think doing well since profitable, albeit not much profit! HECK I am not in the red.

So a car is a big decision.

Not sure a great idea just yet.

But thinking about it- cause honeslty if I can land a deal for about only 3K on an old Toyota Corolla that runs.... THAT would not be that big of a risk and worth it.
An cost more than that I think too much at this point considering where the company is at with cash flow.

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