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2023-05-26 - 10:37 a.m.

did not start work YET
is your friend.

Truth is I have NO Problem buying a car that was salvaged and rebuild.

No issue and like the idea.

I don't even give a crap if there is a shady past as long as it runs well.

I mean if someone else took a total loss and a clever talented mechanic worked their magic to get a car functional

I AM ALL FOR THAT ( within the law of course)

Shady I mean as far as lying salesmen not mentioning shit. I expect that to be honest.
Come on now.. who would blindly TRUST a used car salesman? HA HA
I am not THAT Naive.

HOWEVEVR buying an after market part filled used older car for a couple thousand is a FAR different thing than buying a CERTIFIED preowned from a DEALER who offers WARRANTIES and then lies through their ****

I mean really. I expect more when attesting to and offering warranties. Just don't BS.

I would expect and older car to need about $3K in maintenance I am projecting. To be realistic. I mean really-
Thats to be expected.

BUT a car that is not THAT Old and has a MAJOR issue like the freaking ENGINE and the repair would cost more than half the value of the whole damn CAR- hell no;not when it was a manufacturer defect.
Manufacturer defects are very different from performance wear and tear and poor maintenance issues. I have no sympathy for LARGE companies who HAVE the money to do the right thing upfront once they know of the issue. THAT is when I take issue.

So I would prefer a gamble on an old car that will require my mechanic has some work to do. I expect that.

I STILL will look into the replacement of the engine as well as it only makes sense if I can get that Kia back on the road for personal use to do so. I held off on having the dings repaired from my teens accidents when learning to drive. IF the engine is functioning and I can get that good THEN I will have the insurance claim processed to repair the dings. I honestly told the insurance company just holding off as if the engine is not good not point in wasting their resources or anyone's on the body of course. DECENT shell of the car not worth to for me to fix if I am going to just scap it and can't sell it. I mean really no value if the car can't run.

OK all this in the 5 min ( maybe more) as the VIN is run.

I am checking as actually am the winning bidder on the Toyota.It is an auction. It is within a bus ride away. I could pay the deposit and go pick it up next week as a BUSINESS Expense.

Hell I trust the universe. I set a max ( my budget). If I win it in the cash flow I have- so be it. It seems a good idea overall considering the price point. Heck even if problematic I feel like can get some value out of this. At the high rates of rental cars just now that makes it even more attractive to pick up an old beater car that will run for a while. Will see.
If someone else out bids me- so be it. Just hope they need it more than me. I have a STRONG feeling the current high bidder is just a friend of the lister to be honsest casue of the very thin BID history. I actually take that as a good sign. I read the BUYING history of every seller and this dude ( I assume) is ALL CAR PARTS or actually bycicial parts- so looks like a recreational cyclist unless he/she also repairs and sells bikes. Looks like BUCYSICAL although could be motorcycle?

The best car found was private owned from a dude who is an avid golfer. Obviously a rich dude HA HA IN FL who was likely getting rid of some old relatives car lightly used. Pick up only... HA HA

I LOVE digging into the whole SALE history of the seller in deciding who to buy from.

The thing is this seller is clearly a mechanic. In the listing they listed the two issues on the car and said they can fix them if want for $250 of can take it to your own mechanic. Honestly I think I would be happy to have the dude fix those two issues for that price and leave the rest that emerge ( cause they will! HA HA) to my mechanic.

Thing is this is STILL A good deal I think.

OK now to read the report. Telling you even if some major thing- depends what it is. The thing is the known Engine issues of this particular vehical are NOTHING as bad as the Kia I am driving. Occassional sudden accellaeration HA HA I drive like an old lady and leave TONS OF ROOM in front of me- like ALL THE FREAKING TIME after a moment of actual Dozing once in rush hr traffic back in my active bad narcolepsy like days.
That does not happen to me anymore! THANK GOD

But then I did slam right into a parked car when dozed at a freaking slow down in traffic right in town. I mean I has just gotten in the car, driving about 10 min and dozed! IT was about 5pm.

That impacted my driving habits for sure.

I leave massive amts of space, even at stop lights. Folks cut in to take them at times of course- and folks behind me are like "What the hell are you doing?" At times but I am so used to ignoring them knowing I am driving proactively such that if anyone slams into me it will not be a multi car pile up. There are so many of those damn things in the DMV that it is my defensive driving tactic for avoiding being part of that ever.

I know with the sleep disorder- which thank God stopped being a big issue-
I used to have literally microsleeps- I mean like sometimes SECONDS of dropping off and waking, I mean it was the weirdest thing that happened.

My one kid did not get a liscense as said this happens to her and she called it something else
a sycapote * forget spelling POTS thing Like a sleep seizure ( or is it staring seizure) Its like brain fog in the extreme where for a moment almost black out being non sentient the come right back.
YEAH That happened to me ALL THE TIME.

AMAZING the sleep disorder that was present most of my life was also undiagnosed most of my life.

Also freaking amazing that for me it was kicked by intense exercise that somehow just RESET my whole system.

It was the 2014 training for a marathon when it stopped.

It was so weird. I just noticed one day
"WAIT I ahve not been dozing off"

AFTER I had stopped the medication, I mean I was taking nuvigel for years and monafanil until

I had no medication and was struggling but then started the intense regimen of exercie.

My whole theory is that is somehow helped me sleep better at night Cause the sleep disorede showed not getting normal deep sleep at night.

Like i was excessively sleepy as was not hitting full REM Mode.

Like ever.

Damn that can cause ADHD symtoms for sure. Still no one know which comes first ASDH of sleep disorders.

So co joined.

and honestly POTS for whatever reason triggered can cause both- and they know that it is often genetic predispositon but some trigger; trauma to system- virus, constant stress etc that BREAKS The system.

Like if the autonomic nervous system and immune system is in overdrive too long it just breaks.

So I think I came to write cause the local news reported on the NIH REPORT that a study of long term covid shows that 10% of those infected with OMICRON variant now have long term covid.

That is a high number of new POTSIES.

It will be interesting to see how this will affect disability awareness and work expectations
Thats a LARGE number of people with chronic disability.

OK now to read the VIN REPORT.

PREDICTION: SALVAGED HA HA I predict someone took a loss on this car and it was rebuilt.

Hell I drove the ostensibly dead VOLVO for years. Think it was 4 yrs after was told could call it a loss after one accident ( Oh yeah I had dropped collision on someone's bad advice when that car was really old HA HA so it was not COVERED by insurance but when looked at mechanics told me it would be a loss and to file a claim. They were equally sad when I said I had JUST Dropped the collision insurance! I only held coverage of cars HIT but NOt MY CAR! DUMB MOVE, Maybe it was my Dad who I think has not carried insuance in something like 20 yrs... HA HA Seriously once he owns a car or house he opts out and has this faith and trust in taking care of things. He believes if a good steward what goes around comes around.) TO AMEND: DAMN Review of say SCAM AFTER writing the above I clicked the GET report and they ask for just one payment of $1. BUT reviews show the problems of them having recurring charges show up! THAT IS THE SCAM as there was no info about a recurring charge that I saw. I did this with another service already Bumper- and was like NAH I don't want the membership they sell after a trial period. YEAH its the rabbit hole of reseach to find it is not free and I just wasted time could have and should have been working. Wanted to do research before decide to increase my bid. Cause it looks like someone artifically raising the price of the car- BUT That could be just so the seller gets back what they put into it with a reasonable profit. I am kinda ok with that to be honest. I mean I don't want them to take a LOSS for the work- and I did see the CAR PARTS they bought... HA HA I love that can look at the sellers buyer history to get a good sense. I get a good sense from this seller. POSITIVE RATINGS GOOD REVIEWS Looks like a decent older car. CRAP can't pull reports without paying and no I don't want to deal with cancelling subscriptions. and bumper I think? Carfax likely the most dependable and then don't pay for a subscription that have to cancel. BUT going to STOP now and get my actual work done. Its late already. (Thankfully still early in California where the one main client is! HA HA LOVE THAT!) WELL VIN CLEAN AT LEAST FROM NHTSA which is reputable and really free to run. No recalls or known safety issues. That is good anyway. ( But then again my VIN doesn't show up issues there either) AH good enough. I expect a cheap old car to be partially crappy. That is ok. Very different from dropping more than three times the price to buy one that has crappy engine. Hell the car with crappy engine did serve me well but as I read more about Kias actaully BLowing up in FLAMES and read the story of the mom who lost her 20somehitng old son realized it would be careless and dangerous to drive the KIA again. Even if it runs. I mean really- the more I dug the more I realized it is an absolute hazard. BIG RISK. The thing is those folks at the one dealership KNEW THAT. That is what makes me irritated. How a dealership can KNOW THIS and not take accountability.

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