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2023-05-27 - 4:42 a.m.

Ok I think I am bidding on a decent car.
Looking at the history of sales in detail just now , in the minutes after the dog woke me
Before going back to sleep 😴

The most recent sale of an old car 🚗 was very detailed and specific about what was wrong with it. The seller does thorough diagnosis. On that one he listed all issues then an update as fixed one.

So this seems like a bona fide good mechanic who likes fixing up old cars then selling them.

Great reviews
Happy customers

Known issues listed on each car listing are detailed and clear.

Might be a dealership that has a good mechanic as well. One that takes trade ins 4 some value but honestly the old beater cars are not what they want on their lot front n center! That is my guess. I feel like it's buying the seconds in produce- the stuff that is still good but not as fresh and slightly defective but still good enough as an analogy. This guy seems to be the Misfit Market for cars.

It seems solid

So feeling I may have lucked out finding an old used car in budget. Honestly was not sure one was even out there in my market as the budget is low!

So now I hope I do win the bid.
Other cool thing is I like the color of the car.
Ha ha

I know
Avoid red cars if drive fast
Statistically they get more speeding tix so I read. Lol

It happens to look nice! Reported 2 owners , relatively low mileage for an older car 🚗 .

I also realized a friend drives an old Toyota and said its been dependable. Forget if he has a Camry or Corolla. My Dad had a Camry for years that one bro had passed onto him and it served him well too.

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