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2023-05-31 - 1:12 p.m.

I have to laugh
Cause I do find this somewhat funny,

is when the customer service rep, with the friendly voice, a Latinex lady said to me after my inquiry as to the much higher bill on the recent rental car from BUDGET showed up ( I was sure they screwed up and did not somehow honor the kickin cheaper Priceline rate I had) said

AH " It , no they did not even charge you for the extra day. It is the fuel service fee. You will never forget to fill the gas tank again! You were charged $113 dollars because the car was returned on empty."


I had to LAUGH and said "Oh my God, you are so right that I will never forget to fill the tank; and yes you are so right- I completely forgot about that!"

She did laugh
and I asked "Is there anything you can do to help out about that?"

And she agreed to cut that in half.

She was kind and said "That is still higher than cost of filling but I can do that for you."

$69.49 refund; she has me being charged just about actual for the gas itself. HA HA

OH my goodness- so pays to carefully review credit card statements.

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