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2023-06-02 - 9:47 a.m.

I guess this is geeking out to understand my own medical care- reading articles on the procedure.

Had no idea what cystoscopy is but note it on the surgury schedule.

Now I know. AH and nice to read that "Total hysterectomies had been done for cases of endometrial hyperplasia,...."
among other things; simply as that is my diagnosis of the condition that has been causing lots of bleeding.

My labwork shows I am not as anemic as before , so taking iorn regularly has helped.

I need a nap now.
Just had the pre-op interview.
BUT FIRST to call and arrange transportation for the surgury which is next week.

My bestie in town and had called asking if she could crash a couple nights ( so as to not drive her daughter crazy).

I was excited to have her come over just for dinner the other night and got motivated to clean my house despite being tired and low energy.

She came over, and as mentioned already hustled rides for me so I only had to bike 10 miles rather than 40 this past weekend. It was a super fun weekend.

I mean super fun.

She kept saying I should meet this one guy friend of hers again. I had met him before but was DETERMINED to not succumb to her matchmaking every again.

DETRMINED to not be available and open to that.

So it is kinda funny that he is such an awesome guy and that we did hit it off. I mean really funny actually.


and why does she have to be SO GOOD AT THIS. ( I mean there are married couples that met each other through her matchmaking. It is one of those things she is insistant on doing that gets annoying but others go- DAMN you were right. Not just me.)

It is so aggrevating and also funny.

So when on Saturday night I went to meet her after work and actually we met up with a few folks when doing the rounds of what she called the music smorgasboad
we ended where she was meeting him and one of his besites ( his work bro- they have worked together 10 years, and hang out all the time after work too), including this fellow she has visions of matchmaking with one of her girlfriends. ( Apparently I get right of first refual. That seems to be the relationship I have most often! Ha Ha The option contract! ) Ridiculous
I laugh as write this as my friend was saying "If you don't like him I am setting him up with ______ next " ( What I think is in fairness she should set the guy up with a few ladies and he then has some possibilities/options! HA HA Chance to make a few new friends and see if any click.)

It was funny the last time I really enjoyed meeting this guy and talking and that night drank wine together was with ART. I distincly recall the guy had not been drinking in months and so was up for it for a change and we really did have a blast that night at the winery. The ex (lawyer) I had dated for almost four years came to that party and it was nice to see him. He joined up at that table for a bit along with a few other friends of my bestie who are just nice people I have not seen in years.

SO it was funny as I was talking to this fellow on Friday night
He asked about my husband
and I had to correct him "Oh no!"

I mean that was even before Art and I were DATING again really ! We were spending time getting to know each other again.
That night that three folks came up thinking he was my husband. ( I think the chemistry and love between Art and I was always so strong it was palpable.

It was so fun that night. I had my djembe and Art was happily playing it (he is not bad) while my besie and I danced. Its a good memory before that relationship went south.

That night last April Art and I both had really clicked with this fellow as we socialized with him and the other best friend of my bestie ( her childhood griend who she has traveled with of late- both a trip then when she came back; and she was her traveling companion on this cross country trip once again to get back her again.)

It was so fun. SO that was the friend we met - the fellow Art had really talked and drank with that night, who I have this past weekend gotten to know as a new friend.
They ostensibly were going to keep in touch but did not.
Life is so funny.

After hanging out a bit hearing live music on Sat I was offered a ride back home to bring my bike in the back of this fellow's truck rather than crashing on the couch of my bestie's daughter. That was much better ( to not be putting her daughter out/in her space and also as she has a dog I am allergic to).
*I did have my inhaler as intended to stay there.

I was having such enjoyable conversation that night and it was nice to be able to continue it on the ride and then as he helped me get my bike out of the truck and onto my porch.

The funny thing is I said bye

and went inside and realized neither of us thought to get the info of the other.

So my bestie said she would give him my # and had not passed mine onto him yet ( thought said would. )

So it was nice that on Tue she and I met up after work with him and his good friend. She was planning on meeting me at my workplace to hop into the Lyft with me and come stay at my place a few nights.

Then after the weekend, after work on Tue I think? I walked over to meet my bestie and this fellow and this time also his work bro ( guy friends who have worked together 10 yrs and also go out and hang out, work out etc.)

AND oh my it was so much fun hanging with them

We basically had a dance party-
just being completely goofy. His friend is this adorable Latinex guy who can dance who put on Rianna, then Justin Bieber in the Drake vid ( parody of the rich boy forget the song but its kinda reminding me of the over the top satirical soaps of Tyler Perry- campy and exaggerated poking fun)
and it was so funny how we each took turns picking music and flipped from genre to genre
old bluegrass
hip hop ( Alicia Keys Killing Me Softly was fun to sing)
then song from Les Misbearles

Then my pick of my son's high school musical number when he was Seymore in Little Shop of Horrors ( which is still on You Tube!)


HOw the hell did I scew Up
Why is this date not on my calender?

just got call
going in.

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