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2023-06-04 - 10:29 a.m.

Life is funny.

I was about to ride to church, figure scrap preparing the agenda for Mission Committe meeing and just go and show up.
We can hold the meeting without a pre emailed typed agenda.

BUT then my stomach was acting up.
I ate just oatmeal

BUT there is milk I added and I think I have not had actual milk in so long that it is harder for me to digest.

My bestie ran to the store to pick up some provisions and brought the milk for the tea and coffee as we made breakfast with our other visiting friend. That was such a nice morning ( and had I SEEN I was scheduled would not have enjoyed their company).

So I am stuck home as ride this out so to speak.
I will miss the meeting.
I will send an email.


Maybe better.
I just figured out the plan since phone lost.
I am going to RIDE into Leeburg and can leave Gandalf a note on his door with my HOME PHONE #!

Or speak with him if he is home. I am SURE he will not mind if I stop by unannounced! My bestie is staying either there or with her daughter last night- but might be there. He was busy Saturday afternoon on, but I don't think it will be too weird or boundary crossing to leave a note with my phone # and that now I too lost my phone!

I am rather sure he will understand.

No other way to connect unless he literally shows up here.
OR unless my bestie finds HER phone and gets msg to pass on my land line to him. She won't even know it without her phone.

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