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2023-06-04 - 10:47 a.m.

OK Gandalf does have a Linked In.
And the very old twitter I know he won't see.

MAYBE Linked IN will ping a msg to his email and he will see he got a msg there and click through to see it?

Maybe I can stealtily find his bestie we hung with as well and ask him to give my land line # to Gandalf.
I bet he is on Linked In.

I don't want to ghost this man.

I really would prefer to NOT show up unannounced at his home.

So trying this.
He will EVENTUALLY get the message I figure; and I can be patient.
But the thing is he could think I was ghosting him if I don't get a message to him.

My stomach is not quite fully settled/ stomach abdomen gatrointestinal tract. I am going to wait to see I feel better before consider riding into work later today.

If still off will just catch a ride again, calling Lyft or Uber.


nixed agenda
write ballot for elections for the professional org. The one dude on the board just named one of the top execs in the work space in DC to watch.

I wonder if that mag is pay to play? HA HA HA

OR REALLY based on some actual data pull of real metrics.

It was based on implementation of new system that streamlined processes * I am curious which one.
CLM system

He is at a company I presume it is worth doing that- you really need a system admi and records manager and all on board as users to get integrated. The place I helped with implementation fell short of buy in and training all to use it and then rather than invest in those things to make the transition successfull apparently after they got rid of our contracts director who brought that in that space, they just nixed the system.

She was gone; I was gone and the other CM I worked with was gone. One left remained familiar with the new system but he aslo was give work of myself and the other fired co worker!
HE quit too as soon as he landed a better job.

Just interesting that when went on Linked in saw that accolade which is nice! I just also hope it is not pay to play

but hell even if it is
with his self promotion! WELL DONE!! LOL

Now if only we could get an event planned and organized to pay it forward that would be great.

OOPS The email I sent following up with the one guy I know who is a federal contract officer interested in doing a training
with this msg

"This mailbox is disabled (554.30)"

I will re-send to the alterante email I have for him and hope it works. I hope he is REALLY interested and was not just being polite ( but I get the sense he was genuine. He said interested in doing an event if we can do one out here- out west where we both live! I am going to find dates that work FOR HIM and then find a venue available).

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