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2023-06-11 - 6:47 p.m.

OK, My Buffalo guy says he did not forget.
Hashed it out and feel so much better.
As always he is supportive and positive about be meeting someone local interested in.

He would be happy for me if I met someone and happened to have a deeper, more committed relationship.

Will try to make plans for getting together at some point.

Basically anyone I date does hear of him.

I also told young lover I met someone to date locally so all playing off the plate. He was also positive. He gets it.

As talking with Buffalo guy we laughed about our last trip across the border...

it was typical ADHD driving, where we got lost heading to a concert at a casino near the border.
It was hilarious actually,
we got lost, went in circles- went back and forth , got stopped at the border. Went into the duty free shop once to get directions as wanted to get to the concert before it was over.

I mean the adventures when getting lost are something we both don't mind AT ALL EXCEPT of course when crossing borders.

This came up when were thinking of fun things to perhaps do-
like Montral Jazz Festival.
We do like to go to concerts together.

That passed, so out.
Actually have some mutual friend who used to live there, as was stationed there for a time- so that is on the bucket list.

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