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2023-06-12 - 1:52 p.m.

Did you know that if you have gas you can tap your body gently just like one would do when burping a baby to expel it?
I am reading that the primary reason to avoid flying after a hysterectomy is said (at least from one source) to be that there often is trapped GAS in the intestinal tract.

Because one has not eaten for 10 hrs (typically ) at least prior to surgury
and is on an empty stomach
and a MAJOR organ was removed
the gastrointestinal system is kinda dormant while in recovery mode. Gas may be trapped.

It takes a few days- when have no appetite, but with light eating and hydration
to get the body functioning back to normal ( with movement of bowels).

Seems that is a sign looked for to know recovery is going well.

Eating, hystrated
know I have not been too gassy and won't have pain

SO I HOPE my Dr. Says OK to travel

AND I HOPE it was not a mistake to outright ASK.

As I did so.

I got the call from the Pre OP Nurse so gave her the report then asked the quesiton. Told her I planned the trip not realizing it is routine to NOT travel I had not really thought about that until my oldest son was concerned with the plan.

So will see what the Dr. says. The nurse at the hospital said would escalate the question and told me to call the Dr. Office directly; so I left a messge there as well.

Prayers they say OK.
The anitembolism stockings ordered did not yet arrive. Waiting for them. I do have many pair of compression socks. Those are nicer as they go all the way up the thigh.

I hope they arrive today as planned. Gandalf has Amazon Prime so ordered them with overnight delivery to arrive here at my house today.

In other news. I know I am not over doing it ; BUT I could not resist to do the laundry. I mean its a thing. Before I travel I HAVE to clean the house. NO the kids did not do the thing I find important to me. The did the things that are important FOR ME- like brought me food, encouraged rest, brought water and medication.

BUT they did not do the dishes left in the sink or run the laundry piled up in the bathroom. I just could not resist.
I read how light chores ( if not lifting over 10 lbs) are ok. SO I did LIGHT chores.
Ran the floor robot which does wonders.
My tenant returns today after staying elsewhere and I just wanted to get all the stinky laundry done BEFORE she returns.
I want the kids to all be clean and pack clean clothes for our travels.
I don't want them or the house to stink!
* THis was the point of contention with the one who was upset with me as YES I crossed a boundary last week in washing her bedding when she was out of the house. I just couldn't stand it anymore coming upstairs to having it smell like a dirty gym locker room full of funky work out clothes!
I washed her bedding and clothes on her bed and aired out her room. She was FURIOUS at me when she came home.

And I KNOW she is CORRECT that I shoud respect he boundaries of her space. I should wait for her to do that herself. BUT Last weekend the tenant was due to come back on Sunday. She extended her stay longer.
ON Sat I tried to get the wash all done then. A week later and a whole week of laundry that I felt compelled to do.


SO the laundry is done. Sans one robe. I didn't see it or could have thrown it in with the clothing and blanket of the one who was my primary caretaker who is in the shower now. He dropped the clothes wearing outside the bathroom door and when done showering will move it along and finish it up. I just started it as once the tenant returns we lose access to her space and getting laundry done. So we are pushing a limit.
This is the one kid who I swear has more chronic POTS than the others here yet who still manages to get stuff done. After getting stuff done the kid is just out- I mean has to rest and recover and does not move from the couch for days.
So it seems funny that the kid had so few clothes to wash! BUT he not change for day- he has been recovering from the care given me on Friday and Sat.

Off to nap; oh and book my billable hrs as I did start this day throwing laundry in and then worked for a bit this AM.

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