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2023-06-13 - 9:12 a.m.

I find horoscopes helpful.

This one reminded me, after reaching out and inviting a 2nd leader to speak to our members of a professionl org on a panel,
that I best hold off and not let everyone else know I reached out TODAY.

some get weird and ... well competetive.

So will wait til GET a response and the panel lined up for the event I am organizing ( I have the go ahead)
Cause I just know how it is.

I remember from the PTA Moms of past at local school.

Some folks kinda freak out.

SO strategy is once I hear from the person IF they can present THEN reach out to the OvTHER co collaborator on the committee this was PUNTED TO.

TWO OF Us are to work together.

YEAH that better than sending email to the whole group. Cause someone might make it about them.. It is really about helping those NEW to our industry learn to be the best they can be
AND about well seasoned becoming even MORE well versed in how some regs work to ensure INTEGRITY in procurement.

I want to elevate our collective knoweldge. Not have some thing be the secret knowledge of a select few. That can be dangerous. (Cause if no one else understand what the hell is going on with a thing- that thing can be misinterperted; or manipulated...etc.)

I am heeding the warning of this and leaving it at that for this AM.

NO not sending the draft email to the WHOLE board about the planning steps taken ...they heard up to today's step. No reason they would not want the additional panel member BUT some don't like when the did not do ALL the planning. I get this- I don't mean to step on toes but sometimes due to enthusiasm and wanting to GET SHIT DONE and not just be holding some meaningless kudo withhout actual LEADERSHIP- I dare Lead.
* I don't see much happening of that. So stepping up to plate with this group but will tread lightly

"Watch out for competition as the Aries moon squares off with Pluto this morning, dearest Virgo, which could bring a few envious faces out from hiding. A power struggle and bruised egos could also come into play, making it important that you focus mainly on supporting yourself. "

So yeah... standing down for now.

Will wait and pick better time to discuss the event planning and will first reach out to the co collaborator. (that person said they were to collab on venue. I found the folks to present. )- as feel like best pull that partner into this aspect to just in case there is some BACKGROUND I am oblivious to that could affect how me organizing an event by inviting some leaders in industry is received.
People can be funny so I have to be mindful of that.

Cleared some work off my volunteer to do for two orgs and glad made some progress this AM.

NOW to work on trip planning. Packing! My Dr. cleared me for travel.

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