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2023-06-13 - 10:29 a.m.

I did all the laundry in house. Just felt compelled before travel.

To do things like be sure no one left wet towels in the bottom of a hamper to mold.

Yeah, one of mine, at least, does that. My bad for not nagging I guess. I just wash then or hang to dry abd figure the non verbal of pulling wet towels out abdchsnging should be obvious. I just honestly forget about it then. Just don't think to address the issue.

But why did it not occur to me to do just one more load of my summer things am packing???

A bin of summer clothes , with a lid, sits in my closet. It never was in the attic, but of course after a yr in the bin it has to be the happy warn resort colony for dust mites.

Damn. I an glad the shorts etc fit.
But itchy from just trying then on and packing a few items.

Hope laundry facilities at AirBnB as laundry on my agenda. Will have to wash what I pack as so super sensitive 🥺

Always forget

Holy $%=# young adult just yelled about me moving their towel or hanging a dirty towel so I just did address the issue of not putting wet stuff in hamper. Kid pushed me as I entered room to talk to them. Super aggressive
Their stance of protective don't touch stuff strong

And pick fights over protecting self autonomy really
But taking any action as incroaching on self. It's childish to me asxthis is a shared space. Three adult kids uemsing the bathroom and I have every right to mold avoid or mitigate by measures

Such ad mopping the floor after the kid STILL as adult leaves water on floor, oblivious

I mopped it yesterday.

I leave lights on and hang floor mat abd wet towels

Cause the kid won't change til cares to. Not ready to kick tge abusive miserable kid out. So take care of my 🏡.

I also don't internalize or personalize the kids lack of awareness.
Or their issues.

Not my problem anymore....

This is adult

But I won't walk on eggshells and NOT take care of my house either.

Just wish could accelerate maturity of this one somehow....

Picking a fight over every damn thing like a toddler yelling mine seems stunted emotional development to me

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