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2023-06-19 - 4:34 p.m.

I just billed 7 hrs 40 min to my one client.

I actually worked mote hrs but I like my client much so logged hrs as if I took an actual break. ( I did not. But not cause they don't offer it ! Lol).

Mindful of at least making them look like follow labor laws.

I mean... protect my employer . Ha ha ( ME, Myself and I ha ha. So my company hat forced the separate individual of me to click out for break lol)

I just wanted to not move and give my body a rest to heal.

So seemed a good day to knock off a tedious time consuming but kinda important work project. One of those seeming busy work things that pay off later in making things easier for all ( really). So worth getting the seeming busy work done. Systemizing and organizing work is the kinda thing many don't think about until it is obvious no one has organized things and it's a tangled mess and no one can fund anything. I have this compulsion to do that kind of project management work to kerp myself sane and I know it slso hekps everyone!

now its time to get the troops here awake and moving.

I just think the POTSIES are wiped from travel etc.

It was beautiful to see they all were so happy swimming in the ocean when they got there. But then they apparently needed sleep today. Off to dinner and enjoy time with Dad and maybe some will head to the beach for a swim tonight again too. If not perhaps another family board game.

The older three got to enjoy today at Dad's a bit and time with each other, but I really needed the rest. A bit of spotting occurred last night ( more than prior) which is said to happen post op but still, it did not make me feel like moving and made me want to honor actual bed rest all day. Better safe than sorry so limiting my movement. The drive to/ from Orlando to pick up one fam was a bit much for me and I probably should have not volunteered to do that. Oh well...

I took Ibuprofen again yesterday ( after not needing it for pain) just to reduce possible inflammation that might be an issue even if it is not painful. I feel this soreness and fullness which is a bit of discomfort; I would not call it pain, but yeah - discomfort. Figure better take that med a bit just in can't hurt and rest.

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